• Fundraising

    Plano ISD Purchasing Services is interested in assisting fundraising vendors to go through the proper channels to become "approved" fundraising vendors.

    Plano ISD consists over 70 schools and various office buildings and each of these campuses are involved in fundraising activities to support programs for their campuses. All staff members are required to do business only with approved fundraising vendors. In addition, school support groups are encouraged to use this list. 

    To become an approved fundraiser for Plano ISD, you must fill out our fundraising application and return it, along with your certificate of insurance to our office at 6600 Alma Drive, Plano, TX 75023 or fax it to (469) 752-0281. This will insure that your company is placed on the approved fundraiser list and will allow you full participation in this process. Vendors not complying with the insurance requirements will not be placed on the approved list.

    If you have questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to call us at (469) 752-0282.

    Fundraising Application

    Click here to see example of required Certificate of Insurance