• Contracts and Procurement Transparency

    Plano ISD works to achieve quality service with vendors throughout the purchasing cycle to provide transparency to the general public. As part of our commitment to excellence, the district strives to follow transparency protocols in the Transparency Stars Program as outlined by the State Comptroller of Public Accounts.

    The Plano ISD purchasing department recognizes the need to ensure the transparency of all procurement activity to taxpayers and suppliers. To support this, competitive solicitations are:

    • Posted on the district website with links to Ionwave, our electronic bidding system.
    • Advertised in the local newspaper as required by law

    The Plano Independent School District Purchasing Department has been recognized for their efforts as the recipient of the Texas Association of School Business Officials Award of Merit for Purchasing Operations.

    Transparency Stars Texas Comptroller Recognizing Local Transparency AchievementsTransparency Star Texas Comptroller Contracts & Procurement


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Procurement & Contracting Activity 2021-2022

Total Procured Budget


Actual Procured Spend per Student


New Solicitations


Total Active Contracts:


Plano ISD Awards

Cooperative/Interlocal Awards



Total Dollar Amount of Plano ISD Bids & RFPs


Procured Budget vs Actual Procured Expenditures over past 5 years

Total Value of Purchases & Contracts by Business Sector

  • Fraud HotlineThe Plano Independent School District is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct. In line with this commitment, Plano ISD has established a fraud hotline through Lighthouse Services, Inc.