• Speech & Debate

  • Want to get paid for talking at school?

    • Plano East Speech Team members have earned over half a million dollars in scholarships over the last 5 years
    • Membership in the Texas Forensic Association and the National Forensic League
    • Compete in Rotary and American Legion contests for scholarship money.
    • National travel opportunities to places like Harvard and Princeton
    • Plano East has had 2 state champions in the last 5 years.
    • Increase your verbal test scores by up to 25%

    Join an Elite Group of Previous Forensic Competitions


    John Laroquette, Bette Midler, Terry Nedry, Arsenio Hall, Nancy Cartwright (Voice of Bart Simpson), Shelly Long, Brent Mintz, Kelsey Grammar, Jim Belushi, John Belushi, Adam Sandler, Linda Larkin, CC Pounder, Joyce DeWitt, James Earl Jones, Bruce Springsteen, James Dean, Steve Buscemi, William H. Macy, Kevin Murphy

    Reporters and Media Personalities:
    Oprah Winfrey, Jane Pauley, Tom Brokaw, Roger Ebert, Allan Lichtman, Robert Shrum, David Bloom, Erwin Chemerinsky, Eliott Minceberg, Laurence Tribe, General Maxwell Taylor, Larry Summers, Philip Zelikow, John Graham, Col. William Taylor, Larry Summers, Phillip Zelikow, John Graham, Col. William Taylor, Danny Povinelli

    Leaders and Lawyers:
    Over 1/2 of all U.S. Senators and Representatives claim to have competed in high school or college., UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Lyndon Baines Johnson, George McGovern, Edmund Muskie, Janet Reno, Richard Nixon, Marcia Clark, Robert Shapiro, Johnny Cochran, Floyd Abrams, Barbara Jordon, William Jennings Bryant, Tom Ridge, Diana Degette, Ted Sorenson, Antonin Scalia

    Famous Figures: Lee Lacocca, Dr. Henry Heimlich, St. Augustine, Malcolm X

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