Additional Leave Types

  • Family and Medical Leave (FML)

    FML provides a combined total of 12 workweeks of leave that may be used for:

    • employee's illness
    • immediate family member's illness
    • birth
    • adoption
    • placement of a foster child

    FML may or may not be paid based on each individual's accrued leave balance, leave bank membership, and doctor's release to work.

    FML will run concurrently with all other types of leave. If both spouses are employed by the district, FML for birth, adoption, placement of a child, or care for a parent with a serious health condition will be limited to a combined total of 12 workweeks. FML may only be used once during a 12-month period, which is measured backward as a rolling year. Employees must have worked for the district one year and worked 1,250 hours in the past 12 months to be eligible for FML.

  • Assault Leave

    Assault leave is a state-mandated leave available to all employees.  District policy DEC(Legal) outlines the provisions.  As provided by the policy, an employee who is physically assaulted (see definition below) during the performance of regular duties is entitled to the number of days of leave necessary to recuperate from physical injuries sustained as a result of the assault, up to a maximum of two years from the date of the assault. 

    A district employee is physically assaulted if the person engaging in the conduct causing injury to the employee:

    1. Could be prosecuted for the assault; or
    2. Could not be prosecuted for the assault only because the person's age or mental capacity makes the person a nonresponsible person for purposes of criminal liability.  

    Assault leave must be supported by medical certification.  

    Assault leave will be coordinated with any temporary income benefits due from workers' compensation, and will run concurrently with all other types of leave.

    Assault Leave Common Q&A 

    To submit a claim for assault leave you may:

  • Temporary Disability (TD)

    Temporary Disability is a state-mandated unpaid leave available to full-time employees only. TD leave may be used for the employee's illness only, and will run concurrently with any Family and Medical Leave, accrued leave, and/or leave bank. The maximum length of TD leave is 180 calendar days (includes holidays, weekends, and summer months) in a 12-month period. At the expiration of available leave, the District shall offer the employee COBRA benefits as required by law.

  • Military Leave

    The Federal law USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act) governs military leave policies. The District provides up to 15 days of paid leave for military duty or training, per fiscal year. For long-term military duty, Federal law allows up to 5 years of unpaid leave, during which time reemployment in the same or similar position in required upon discharge from military duty. For the 16th day onward, you may choose to use your accrued leave. If you prefer not to use your accrued leave, they will remain available for use when you return to work.