• Leave Bank

    Full-time employees may join the Leave Bank when you are hired and/or during the annual benefits open enrollment period (July/August). If you join the Leave Bank, you will donate one local sick leave day each year you are a Leave Bank member. The days donated to the Leave Bank are not refundable. Leave Bank membership will carry-over from year to year, until you choose to decline during the next open enrollment period.

    Leave Bank days may be requested if you must be absent for an extended period of time due to personal or family illness, and you run out of your own accrued leave and would otherwise be docked pay. The maximum number of Leave Bank days that may be granted is up to 25 days annually, to a lifetime maximum of 75 days. To request Leave Bank days to cover your absences, you must submit a “Request for Leave Bank Days” form AND medical certification for all the absences to the Benefits and Risk Management department before the absences are processed on your paycheck.

    Leave Bank days may be granted for the following reasons:
    The absence must be at least 5 full consecutive work days for the same situation or condition.

    • employee’s illness
    • employee’s maternity leave (only available during medically necessary bed rest and during the first 6 calendar weeks after delivery – longer absences require documentation as either employee or family illness)
    • family member’s illness (family member is defined in policy DEC(Local))

    Leave Bank days are not available for the following:

    • bereavement/funerals
    • personal business
    • adoption
    • family emergency
    • workers’ compensation
    • paternity
    • absences shorter than 5 full consecutive work days
    • absences already docked on your paycheck
    • requests for which complete documentation is not provided
    • any remaining maternity leave taken beyond duration limit in administrative guidelines
  • Request to Use Leave Bank
    1.  Complete the Leave Bank Request form.

    2.  Submit the form and doctor's notes to the PISD benefits office prior to your paycheck being docked for the absences.

    Email: benefits@pisd.edu
    Mail to: Sockwell Center
    6301 Chapel Hill Blvd
    Plano, TX 75093

  • Administrative Guidelines

    1. An employee must be absent, or expect to be absent five or more consecutive full work days for the same reason, in order to apply for leave bank days. Appropriate medical certification showing the qualifying reason for the employee’s absence must accompany the request.
    2. It is the employee’s responsibility to request leave bank days for qualifying absences and to submit all required documentation in a timely manner. If the employee has not requested leave bank days from the benefits and risk management department before the paycheck is docked for those absences, leave bank days will not be granted.
    3. All accrued leave, including vacation leave, must be exhausted or expect to be exhausted through medical certification in order to receive leave bank days.
    4. Family as defined in Plano ISD Board Policy DEC(LOCAL), shall include:
      • Spouse
      • Son or daughter, including a biological, adopted, or foster child, a son- or daughter-in-law, a stepchild, a legal ward, or a child for whom the employee stands in loco parentis.
      • Parent, stepparent, parent-in-law, or other individual who stands in loco parentis to the employee.
      • Sibling, stepsibling, sibling-in-law.
      • Grandparent and grandchild.
      • Any person who may be residing in the employee’s household at the time of illness.
    5. Intermittent absences (anything shorter than five consecutive full work days), bereavement, workers’ compensation, adoption, and family emergency do not qualify for leave bank.
    6. Upon notice from medical certification that an employee is eligible for or receiving hospice care, the lifetime maximum of 75 days may be granted.
    7. Any accrued local leave left by employees resigning or retiring is donated to the leave bank.
    8. Employees who end employment before the end of their work year, and who have used more local leave than they earned, are docked to re-coupe these days. Leave bank will not be used to cover this docked pay.
    9. Should the leave bank balance fall below 1/6 of the annual contribution by April 1, the district may need to reduce the number of leave bank days available to leave bank members.
    10. All full time employees are required to submit a leave bank selection, either accepting or declining participation. Leave bank enrollment selections are required by the end of the annual open enrollment period (date to be determined each fiscal year and published in enrollment materials). If an employee has never made a leave bank selection, and does not submit a selection by the date specified in the enrollment materials, he or she will not be allowed to participate in the leave bank for the upcoming fiscal year. He or she will be required to submit a leave bank selection at the next open enrollment period for the following fiscal year.
    11. New employees are required to submit a leave bank selection when they make their other health benefit plan selections. New employees will be allowed to submit a leave bank selection within the first 31 calendar days of employment. If a leave bank selection is not received by the deadline, the employee will not be allowed to participate in the leave bank until the next fiscal year. During the next open enrollment period, the employee must submit a leave bank selection, either accepting or declining participation.
    12. Leave bank days during maternity leave may only be granted during medically necessary bed rest or during the first 6 calendar weeks after delivery. Requests for leave bank days beyond the 6-week period may be considered with additional documentation from the physician regarding medical necessity.