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Expectations at Sporting and Fine Arts Events and updates

Parents and students,

As we start the school year and start having extracurricular activities, we would like to share some reminders of expectations at the events.

At all sporting events, we encourage students and parents to yell and cheer for our team as they compete. We do ask that you direct all that cheering and yelling in a positive manner towards our team. Please do not single out or yell negative things towards the other team, coaches or referees. In our gym, students are expected to keep both feet in the bleachers at all times and follow dress code like a normal school day. We ask all participants to refrain from running towards the court during exciting action.


There are specific stadium and bag rules when attending events at one of our stadiums. These can be found at this link.

Please be aware that this year at varsity football games, all patrons coming to the game will be asked to go through a metal detector. We share this for your awareness and so you can plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time to get into the game. We will have plenty of assistance getting everyone in, but if everyone arrives right before the game, it will cause a back up and delay in your entry.

All students that do not drive to the games must be picked up within 30 minutes after the football games. Most games conclude around 10 pm so all students should be picked up by 10:30 pm.

In PISD, we have cashless entry to our games. Tickets for games can be purchased at this link. Please know there are season tickets that can be purchased as well and all sports passes. They can all be found on the link above.

Students and parents that do not comply with these expectations, will be asked to leave by either or the referee and administrator on duty. It is our goal to create a fun safe environment for our students, parents, and community to come enjoy the event.

For events in our auditorium, we ask that you silence all cell phones before the beginning of all performances. Unless an emergency, we ask that you wait to exit or enter the performance between groups or at intermission. We ask all spectators to refrain from talking during the performance and remove any upset babies from the performance.

We thank you for helping us create an outstanding environment for everyone to enjoy our wide variety of events at Plano East!