June 12, 2018

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The Plano ISD Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at the Plano ISD Administration Center.

  • Trustee Tammy Richards provided an inspirational message.
  • Plano Senior High School Associate Principal Pam Clark introduced and made remarks in recognition of Presidential Scholar Katherine Lei who recently graduated from Plano Senior.
    Plano Senior High School Girls Cross Country Head Coach Amy Dehdari introduced Plano Senior High student Kennedy Blackmon as the 400-meter dash UIL 6A Girls Track State Champion and State runner-up in the 200-meter dash. The board made remarks in recognition of these outstanding achievements and acknowledged staff and family supporters in the audience. Board Vice President Dr. Yoram Solomon presented certificates of recognition.
  • A presentation of students who have achieved success at state, national and international levels was displayed in a slideshow at the meeting. The board congratulated all of the students for their accomplishments.
  • Board President Missy Bender recognized Trustee Tammy Richards who completed the Leadership TASB course of study and earned the distinction of Master Trustee.
  • Trustee David Stolle recognized President Bender who was recently honored with the prestigious 2018 Distinguished Leadership Award.
  • Randy McDowell, assistant superintendent for business services, shared comments about the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award. Vice President Dr. Yoram Solomon presented the award to Linda Madon, executive director of financial services. Ms. Madon made some remarks and recognized members of the financial services department staff in attendance.
  • There were three speakers regarding agenda items during the public comment portion of the agenda.
  • Presentations and supporting documents for agenda items may be viewed on BoardBook.
  • The board took the following actions or heard the following reports:
    • Items on the consent agenda were approved.
    • As part of the consent agenda, the following administrative appointments were announced:
      • Janis Williams, Principal, Plano West Senior High School
      • Sean Flynn, Principal, Christie Elementary School
      • LeighAnn Earnhart, Principal, Rasor Elementary School
      • Alex Casado, Assistant Principal, McCall Elementary School
      • Kate Forisha, Assistant Principal, Shepard Elementary School
      • Kristin Glasscock, Assistant Principal, Mitchell Elementary School
      • Rayna Matthews-Whetstone, Assistant Principal, Mitchell Elementary School
      • Rob Eppler, Associate Principal, Plano East Senior High School
      • Inge Dismuke Stovall, Assistant Principal, Williams High School
      • Marjorie Hall, Assistant Principal, Plano Senior High School
      • Brandon Johnson, Assistant Principal, Plano East Senior High School
      • Evan Lee, Assistant Principal, Carpenter Middle School
      • Paula Long, Executive Director, Special Education
      • Bethany Rogers, Director for Special Education
      • Karen Buechman, Director Career and Technical Education
      • Dr. Theresa Williams, Chief Operating Officer
    • Dr. Katrina Hasley, assistant superintendent for academic services, presented proposed amendments to the Local District of Innovation Plan. President Bender opened a required public hearing providing an opportunity for the public to make comments on amendments proposed to the plan. With no speakers coming forward, the regular meeting reconvened. The board approved the Local District of Innovation Plan amendments as presented.
    • Mr. McDowell provided a presentation regarding the 2018-19 budget and proposed tax rate. President Bender convened a required public hearing providing an opportunity for the public to make comments on the budget and proposed tax rate. There were no speakers during the hearing. The regular meeting reconvened after the public hearing.
    • The board adopted the 2018-19 general, debt service and food service fund budgets as presented.
    • Dr. Beth Brockman, assistant superintendent for employee services, introduced the discussion on hiring professional employment positions. The board authorized the superintendent to hire for all professional positions between the June 12, 2018 board meeting and the first regularly scheduled meeting in August 2018.
    • Superintendent Sara Bonser introduced the discussion of the Student Learning Report: COMMIT Educational Partnership. After a presentation outlining the program, the board approved a non-binding letter of intent with COMMIT, a nonprofit organization that supports school districts in their goal of ensuring that every child is ready to succeed from kindergarten through post-secondary education options and into successful careers.
    • Susan Modisette, assistant superintendent for campus services, provided a summary of recommended changes to current practices related to weighted GPA and class rank. The board adopted the proposed changes as presented and detailed in board book.
    • The board requested that CSP 2017-098 Early Childhood School #4 Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) undergo further study and be brought forward at a subsequent meeting.
    • Theresa Biggs, director of advanced academics, provided information on the 2017-18 work of the Gifted Advisory Committee.
    • Diversity Advisory Committee Chair Misty Tippen presented a report highlighting the committee’s work for the 2017-2018 school year.
    • At the board's request, the administration conducted research around backpack weights and student health. Selenda Sager, Wilson Middle School principal, Dr. Hasley, Dan Armstrong, assistant superintendent of technology services and Dr. Brockman reported results of the research findings as well as recommendations for communication and digital resources available to students.
    • The board adopted DEC(LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits: Leaves and Absences and FL(LOCAL) Student Records under second reading as presented by Karla Oliver, assistant superintendent for government, community and planning initiatives.
    • The board approved FNF(LOCAL) Student Rights and Responsibilities: Interrogations and Searches under first reading. This policy will be presented under second reading at a subsequent meeting.
    • The board approved FFI(LOCAL) Student Welfare: Freedom from Bullying under first reading. This policy will be presented for under second reading at a subsequent meeting.
    • The board reviewed EIF(REGULATION) and (EXHIBIT C) Academic Achievement: Graduation under first reading. These policies will be presented for review under second reading at a subsequent meeting.
  • There was one speaker regarding non-agenda items.
School Board Meeting - June 12, 2018 (Part 1)
School Board Meeting - June 12, 2018 (Part 1)

Part One of the Plano ISD Meeting of the Board of Trustees on June 12, 2018. Length: 2 hrs., 12 min.


School Board Meeting - June 12, 2018 - Part 2
School Board Meeting - June 12, 2018 - Part 2

Part Two of the June 12, 2018 meeting of the Plano ISD Board of Trustees