September 4, 2018

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The Plano ISD Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, at the Plano ISD Administration Center.

  • School Board Secretary Nancy Humphrey provided an inspirational message and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • The board expressed their appreciation to individuals and groups who were critical behind the scenes and paramount to opening operational, clean, safe and secure campuses for Plano ISD families and staff. Recognized were staff from Plano ISD facilities and construction departments, safety and security services department, technology team members, campus staff members, ABM custodians, City of Plano staff, Plano Fire and Rescue officers, Building Inspection Department staff and members of the Plano Police Department.
  • There were no speakers regarding agenda items during the public comment portion of the agenda.
  • Presentations and supporting documents for agenda items may be viewed on BoardBook.
  • The board took the following actions or heard the following reports:
    • Item VII. M., Revisions to the Student Code of Conduct, was removed from the consent agenda for further discussion.
    • All other items on the consent agenda were approved.
    • Dr. Theresa Williams, chief operating officer, Dr. Katrina Hasley, assistant superintendent for academic services and Suzana Spina, director of early childhood, provided a pre-k update including the guiding principles for pre-k planning, a wait list update, updated enrollment growth options (A-D) and district maps by options. The board approved the guiding principles related to pre-k planning as presented.
    • Item VII. M. from the consent agenda was brought forward for discussion and approved as presented.
    • Randy McDowell, chief financial officer, presented information about the proposed tax rate. The board approved the state mandated resolution adopting the 2018-19 tax rates consisting of:
      • Maintenance & Operations: $1.170
      • Debt Service: 0.269
      • Total: $1.439
    • The board also approved a resolution with language reflecting more transparency regarding the tax rate and tax collection.
    • Following presentations and discussion, the board approved amending the Contract CSP 2017-062 Fine Arts Center Construction Manager at Risk Guaranteed Maximum Price with McCarthy Building Companies to provide the Guaranteed Maximum Price of $53,334,356, subject to a negotiated and executed contract. Information requested by the board will be provided at subsequent meetings.
    • The board approved the 2018-19 District Initiatives as presented by Superintendent Sara Bonser.
    • The board approved the Board’s Advisory Committee appointments for 2018-19 as amended. Board Advisory Committees are Career and Technical Education, Diversity, School Health, Special Education and Gifted and Talented.
    • The board approved an amendment to the minutes of the April 26, 2017 work session meeting correcting an error in the voting record for the Pre-K expansion agenda item.
    • Paula Long, executive director for special education services, shared an update with the board on special education services.
    • Talle Gomez, executive director for multilingual services, shared information about dual language and updated the board on the implementation of the program.
    • Tony Pearson, assistant director of facility services, presented the 2016 Bond Program Construction report highlighting projects that are underway or that have been recently completed throughout the district.
    • The board adopted policies DL(LOCAL) Work Load, EEB(LOCAL) Instructional Arrangements: Class Size and EIE(LOCAL) Academic Achievement: Retention and Promotion under second reading as presented by Karla Oliver, assistant superintendent for government, community and planning initiatives.
    • The board approved TASB Localized Policy Manual Update 111 with revisions to policy BBD(LOCAL) Board Members: Orientation and Training, BE(LOCAL) Board Meetings, FB(LOCAL) Equal Education Opportunity and FFFA(LOCAL) Wellness and Health Services: Physical Examinations under first reading. These policies will be presented for adoption under second reading at a subsequent meeting.
    • The board reviewed GKD(EXHIBIT C) Community Relations: Nonschool Use of School Facilities under second reading.
  • There were no speakers regarding non-agenda items.