• Summer Information


  • Athletic Information

    To find out information about Plano East Athletics, please go to our athletic website and contact the head coach.  

  • Back to School Fair

    Back to School Fair

  • Bell Schedule

    For a copy of our bell schedule, please click here.

  • Bus Information

    Please access the website below for bus routes for the upcoming school year. Route information is generally available early-August.
    Link to bus finder:  Route Finder 

  • Chromebooks

    Students will have the opportunity to check out a Chromebook and keep it for the entire year. There are several days and times for students to pick up their Chromebook. Pick up will be in the Library which is located in upstairs of B2.

    • August 2 ((Expedition East) 9 am-11:45 pm and 1:30 pm-4 pm
    • August 9 1 pm to 3:30 pm
    • Students that do not pick one up at the times above, will be brought down by their Science teachers on August 11th.

    Parents will need to fill out this Google form to allow students to pick up a Chromebook. Parents are not required to be present to issue a Chromebook.

  • Dress Code

    Please be mindful of the PISD dress code as you do your back-to-school shopping.  Students’ dress and grooming are expected to be in keeping with accepted community standards and school polices with regard to safety, health, cleanliness, and appearance. Plano East administration will make all final decisions regarding appropriate attire.  Student Code of Conduct and Dress code policy can be found on at student code of conduct

  • Expedition East (Updated)

    Expedition East August 2th 9 AM to 11:45 PM & 1:30 PM-4 PM
    We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events for our incoming IB students, Juniors and Seniors. Please see the following dates and brief description below for each event:

    Expedition East

    Students (all grades) are encouraged to come to campus and take care of any of the following during this time:

    • Any issues with their schedules
    • Parking permits
    • Pay any holds
    • Walk the campus and find their classes
    • Find out about bus transportation
    • Purchase spirit wear
    • Campus tours brought to you by Student Senate

    Expedition East (Pep Rally ) August 2 4:00 PM

    ALL STUDENTS are encouraged to attend this orientation to better familiarize yourself with Plano East and imagine the excitement of the coming school year. Traditions of Plano East will be taught and prizes will be awarded. This program will take place in the gym and last around an hour. Students will have the opportunity to win school spirit items as well.

  • First Day of School

    PISD first day of school is August 10th. Plano East begins school at 9 am unless you have a zero hour which starts at 8 am. Our full bell schedule can be found here.

    Students should bring their schedule either on their phone or paper. If a student needs assistance with getting their schedule, they should report to the library which is located in the upstairs B2 above the cafeteria.

  • Immunization records

    For Immunization records, go to www.pisd.edu, then click on the For Parents tab. Log on to Parent Portal. (You may be familiar with Parent Portal for checking your student’s grades.) An additional box has been added that allows you to print out your student’s immunization record.

  • Lockers

    Students in the IB program can request lockers through the Delta sub school.  Otherwise, no lockers are assigned at Plano East

  • Lunch Information

    Students returning to Plano East next year will maintain the same lunch keypad ID number, which is their student ID number. Keypad lunch numbers are confidential. Do not give or share your number with others. Money deposited in a students’ account may be used for anything we sell in the cafeteria. Please sign up for PayPAMS, the online PAYPAMS payment system that allows parents to make credit card payments to their student’s lunch account via the Internet. Any money left from last school year will be in your account when you return as well as any debt. Students will not be allowed to purchase a meal on credit. In the event that any student has a negative balance, a modified meal at a reduced price will be provided.

  • New student information (registration)

    New Student Registration:  Parents/Guardians,  Please go to our Plano ISD website, https://www.pisd.edu/enrollment to obtain information about requirements to register your student for the 2021-2022 school year.  Registration information should be available mid-July.  If you have any questions please e-mail Mrs. Talbot @ ana.talbot@pisd.edu after July 22th

    The following documents will be needed to enroll your student:


    • Completed Enrollment forms (found on-line at pisd.edu/ef)
    • Proof of residency (current utility bill, lease agreement or closing / settlement papers)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Immunization Records
    • Transcript and withdrawal form
    • Parent/ Guardian Picture ID (driver's license or passport)


    We look forward to helping you enroll at Plano East Senior High School!!

  • Plano East PTSA

    We encourage all of our families to join our PTSA by going to Plano East PTSA website.

  • Schedule Release Procedures

    Schedule Release Paperwork:

    All families are required each year to complete online schedule release items to update all important student information.

    Completion of the schedule release on-line process will begin July 20th on line. You will complete this paperwork on line through parent portal.

    While completing the paperwork, one item that will be required is for students and parents to sign off that they have read and understand the Plano East Student Handbook. This document has many helpful items in it.

    The district has developed a web page to assist you with this process. It can be found here.

    We have provided some helpful handouts to get you through the schedule release on-line paperwork:

    Schedule Release On-line Paperwork Help (English version)

    Schedule Release On-line Paperwork Help (Spanish version)

    Schedule Release

    Starting August 2th, students will be able to view and print their schedules on-line through parent portal. If there are any holds, like textbook fines etc., you will need to come to campus during the Camp Panther August 6th (see times in Camp Panther Section) to take care of the holds and be able to view your schedule.

  • School Supplies List

    Plano East does not have a blanket school supplies list.  Each teacher will share items students need for their course through the course of the first couple of days of school.  Beyond these items, it is up to each student to determine what organizational tools work best to help them be successful.  

  • Student Accident Insurance

    Student Accident Insurance information can be found at the following here:  https://www.pisd.edu/studentinsurance 

  • Student Badges

    Each student is expected to wear a student id badge every day.  Students will receive their badge either over the summer if they are a senior while taking senior portraits or at the beginning of school when school pictures are taken.    Students that are habitually forgetting their id could face consequences.  Students wearing badges is a district initiative to help create a more safe environment for our students and staff.

  • VOE (Verification of Enrollment) Summer Pick-Ups

    Any student needing to get a VOE over the summer needs to fill out this form:  https://myforms.pisd.edu/Forms/VOE and then you will receive the VOE in your email.

  • Yearbook

    Yearbooks are available to be purchased online beginning August 1. These may be purchased with a credit card at jostensyearbooks

  • Panther Head