• Human Resources Staff

  • Jun Melvin
    Karen Anderson

Employee Recruitment & Retention

  • The Employee Recruitment and Retention Department is committed to attracting and retaining the finest caliber employees. We provide quality, responsive service to applicants, administrators and staff in the areas of policies and procedures, employment, training, and development.

    Clint Poole
    Tawn King
    Chris Lillie
    Estela Alvarado
    Sherri Eppler
    Mary Hewlett
    Mechelle Kitchen
    Liliana Lundie
    Beth Motney
    Linda Pecot
    Eureka Samples

HR Operations

  • The Human Resources Operations Department includes planning, managing, and coordinating the areas of employee compensation, records, contracts, separations, and new employee onboarding.

    Darci Miller
    Noel McBee
    Kendra Griffin
    Deborah Heineman
    Sandi Richards
    Annette Stokes

Employee Relations

  • James Dearing
    Gail Ball
    Rosaura Bauman
    Charu Iyengar