Students must record and submit a 4‐7 minute informative or persuasive speech on the topic of their choice as long as the topic adheres to the Plano ISD Standards for Student Conduct.

    The speech must be organized with a well-prepared introduction that includes:

    • An attention-getting device
    • A thesis statement
    • A preview statement
    • A link statement

    The body of the speech should contain 2-4 main points that support the thesis statement and show evidence of research with cited sources.  A well‐structured conclusion should summarize and give finality to the speech with a final clinching statement.

    The physical delivery of the speech should be presented with: 

    • Good Posture 
    • Gestures 
    • Appropriate Volume
    • Good Eye Contact 

    The speech should be delivered at an appropriate rate using proper language and grammar. The appropriate use of pauses, articulation, and pronunciation with a pleasing oral delivery will also be expected.     

    Students must prepare the speech in advance. Notecards or a manuscript during the presentation is recommended; however, the speech should be practiced and delivered with confidence and not simply read.

    Topics for the speech may vary from community‐oriented subjects such as urging the audience to vote or to donate blood, to current events-oriented topics such as:

    • Should capital punishment be abolished?
    • Should all professional sports have salary caps?
    • Should the legal driving age be raised to 19? 

    The speech presentation is 30% of the final grade.