• Student Data in Edugence

    How Students Access Their Assessment Data in Edugence

    The Assessment, Research, and Program Evaluation Department worked with Plano Academy High School students to create a video series showing Middle School and High School students how they can access their own data in Edugence.  

    • Data is available to students from a variety of data sources including MAP, STAAR, CogAT, and District Assessments.
    • A student can see how he/she performed overall and what their areas of strength are and opportunities for improvement.  
    • These videos are meant to be one tool, among many, for students to use in setting goals and taking ownership of their own learning.  

    Students are encouraged to reference these video guides as they review their own data in Edugence. Please note that these data sources are not meant to stand alone.  Students should consult with guardians, teachers, and other professionals on the campus to understand more about themselves as a learner and make plans for academic success.

    Learn More About Yourself!

    Learning more about yourself as a learner allows you to: 

    • Recognize and celebrate your successes.
    • Identify opportunities to improve.
    • Ask for help in specific areas.
    • Build confidence in your ability to show growth over time. 
    • Know how you learn best in order to make independent study more successful.
    • Clarify your misunderstandings before they negatively impact future learning.

    The project was designed as a series of short videos so that if you are watching these in school, you can see one at a time at the start of a class period.  You can watch a video then access Edugence to explore your own data in that section.

Access Data Video Series

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