• State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)

  • STAAR Overview

    The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) program, which was implemented in spring 2012, includes annual assessments for:

    • Reading in grades 3 through 8 
    • Mathematics in grades 3 through 8 
    • Writing in  grades 4 and 7
    • Science in grades 5 and 8
    • Social Studies in grade 8
    • End-of-Course (EOC) assessments in English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology and U.S History

    The STAAR testing program is a more rigorous testing program that emphasizes “readiness” standards, which are those Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) student expectations that are considered most important for success in the grade or course subject that follow and for college and career. The high school assessments are course based exams. State assessments are timed. Students have four hours to complete each STAAR exam, except for the End-of-Course English I and II which both have a five hour time limit.

  • STAAR Scoring - Performance Standards

    STAAR performance standards correspond levels of test performance to the expectations defined in the state-mandated curriculum standards known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Cut scores established by TEA distinguish between performance levels and are used to classify students into an appropriate performance category.

  • STAAR Results - Assessment Data Portal 

    You have the ability to access your child’s state assessment testing history online through the Texas Education Agency's Assessment Data Portal

    On the Assessment Data Portal you will use your child’s Unique Access Code and your child’s date of birth to access testing history, including STAAR, TAKS, and TELPAS assessments, where applicable.

    Please note that the Unique Access Code is designed to stay with your child throughout his/her academic career. Additional information regarding the student portal can also be found by visiting the TEA website. 

    To locate your child's Unique Access Code, you can:


    OPTION 1 - Go to the Texas Assessment Data Portal 

    1. Select the option to Find My Unique Student Access Code 

    2. You will be prompted to enter: 
      -Student's First Name
      -Social Security Number or S-Number (State issued ID Number)
      -Date of Birth

    Note: The PEIMS ID is the ID number provided when the child enrolled in PISD. It is either the student's Social Security or State Issued ID number.   


    OPTION 2 - Login to your PISD Parent Portal account and the Access Code will be found in the Performance Management Section.     

    OPTION 3 - Locate the Access Code which is printed at the bottom right corner of any past Confidential Student Report your child has received for STAAR, TAKS, and TELPAS assessments.


    Features of the Assessment Data Portal include:

    • Access to your child's assessment results over the course of his/her academic career 
    • Note: Detailed information is only available beginning with Spring 2008.
    • Compare your child's individual STAAR or TAKS results to campus, district, and state averages
    • Examine your child's performance on TAKS objectives or STAAR reporting categories
    • Examine your child's performance on TELPAS in the areas of listening, speaking, writing, and reading
      Note: Only Limited English Proficient students participate in TELPAS.