• School Safety & Security Committee


    The School Safety and Security Committee is a working group of diverse individuals that serves the members of PISD by helping create and maintain a safe and secure school climate and culture for staff and students. 

    Responsibilities: (include but are not limited to)

    • Participate in the development and implementation of the district’s emergency plans by ensuring they are consistent with the district’s EOP and reflect the specific campus, facility, or support service needs that exist.
    • Provide, periodically to the board of trustees and district administration, recommendations to update the district’s EOP according to the best practices.
    • Review each report the district submits to the TxSSC to ensure it contains accurate and complete information regarding each campus, facility, or support service, and follows the criteria established by the TxSSC.
    • Consult with local law enforcement agencies on how to increase their presence near district campuses. 

  • Members

    • The committee is comprised of both internal and external stakeholders, including members of the School Board, PISD executive leadership, local law enforcement, emergency management, and fire personnel, as well as campus administrators, teachers, and parents


    • The Safety and Security Committee meets once during the fall semester, once during the spring semester, and once during the summer months.  

    Committee Chair

    • Chief of Safety and Security Operations