Inclement and/or dangerous weather occurs routinely in the North Texas area and, as such, the District has plans and procedures in place to promote student and staff safety.  Parents, students and staff member should be aware of the following information concerning the District’s weather related guidelines.

  • Monitoring Weather

    Safety and Security Services monitors weather conditions that may impact the PISD area.  Members of the department rely on publicly available weather information sources, including internet sources, National Weather Service alerts, and local media outlets, and also stay in contact with local city emergency management departments during periods of anticipated volatile weather.  All campuses have weather alert radios and have access to internet-based weather sources.  It is strongly recommended that individual campuses monitor weather conditions in their area.


    School Notification

    In the event of anticipated or imminent severe weather that may impact school operations, Safety and Security Services will notify campuses and District leadership.  Safety and Security Services has the ability to communicate with campuses, school buses and other facilities via a District-wide emergency radio system if necessary.   In the event of a weather emergency affecting all or portions of the District, these radios will be used to provide information to campuses regarding stopping dismissal of students, diverting school buses, and other emergency actions.  The decision to release students early or to cancel school must be approved by the Superintendent or designee.  The decision to stop or delay dismissal District-wide is normally approved by the Assistant Superintendent for District Services, but individual campuses can stop or delay dismissal in an emergency when necessary for student safety.  


    Cancellation of After-School or Evening Events

    The decision to cancel after-school or evening activities due to inclement weather in the forecast is ordinarily made at the campus level or by Campus Services.