• Tornado / Weather Emergency

    All campuses are required to have pre-identified weather shelter areas, and must conduct tornado/shelter drills each semester.  When the District is under a tornado watch (conditions favorable for development of a tornado), the campus should assign a staff member to monitor weather reports and outside weather.  Should a tornado be spotted or a tornado warning be issued (tornado is spotted or indicated on radar), students and staff should be moved to designated shelter location(s).  If storm is imminent, students and staff should assume the “duck and cover” position, facing an interior wall. 

  • Parents Responding to Campuses

    Parents are strongly discouraged from arriving at a campus to pick up their child during an active weather emergency.  School staff will not be immediately available to release students if the campus is in an active shelter mode or if staff are managing an emergency.  If a weather emergency occurs during regular release time, staff will keep students in shelter mode until the emergency has passed.  Emergency/release information for parents will ordinarily be distributed by the District’s Communications Department via School Messenger (text/voice messages), social media sites (Facebook/Twitter), and the District’s website.