• Fare Busing Guidelines & Procedures

    The Fare Busing service was established as an outreach to offer fee-based bus transportation to students who are not otherwise eligible for regular transportation due to living less than 2 miles from their assigned school.  This service is available in limited areas where we have the bus capacity for additional students and is managed on a space available, first come, first served basis.  Eight of our schools do not offer regular education transportation of any kind, including Fare Busing, due to all students living within the 2 miles of the respective school.  Fare Busing is only available to students attending schools within the student’s Board approved school attendance boundary.  Busing is not available for students who request a transfer to a school that is not in their attendance boundary as explained in the transfer guidelines.

    Applications for Fare Busing do not carry forward from one school year to the next.  You must re-apply each year for each student.  Applications for the following school year may be submitted beginning in January of the current school year.

    Once approved, the fee for Fare Busing is $385.00 per year or $192.50 per semester, per student, and is payable in advance of riding. If you pay for the entire school year by August 31st, registration fee will be waived. Second Semester payment is due upon or prior to start up. If payment is not received when due, parents will receive notice via phone. If not resolved, the student will be removed from the program after a 2-week notification resulting in the need for a new application to be submitted, which may affect the placement status of the student. 

    Please Note:

    • Our department does not send reminders for you to pay, so please take the time each semester to pay.
    • The driver may not accept payment for the Fare Busing Program.