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    Junior to Senior Handbook

    The PESH Student Handbook has a great deal of information to assist in the college planning process. Topics Include:

    • Timeline for College Admission
    • Eight Steps to Admissions Success
    • College Admissions Options
    • College Admissions Testing
    • College Applications
    • Admission Standards
    • Community College and Career Options
    • Searching for College Majors and Careers
    • Paying for College
    • Military Academies Application Process
    • NCAA Clearinghouse for College Athletes
    • Directory of Websites

    College 101 Presentation  

    The College 101 presentations covers several topics to help educate students and parents on decisions about college. Topics Include:

    • Where Should I be now?
    • What are Colleges Looking For?
    • Picking a school
    • College Applications
    • Testing
    • Transcripts, GPA, Class Rank
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Naviance
    • Financial Aid
    • Athletics
    • Technology Usage
    • Resources


  • To Do

    College Visits Form

    If you are planning to visit a college or university and will miss school, be sure to get a College Visitation Form from the counseling office or your sub-school BEFORE your visit. Forms must be signed by your counselor and sub-school principal prior to your visit and then signed and stamped by a college official on the day of your visit. Turn the form into your sub-school within 3 days of your return to school so that your absences are excused.



  • Paying for College

    Paying for College

    Information and resources on paying for college and trade schools.

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