• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where do I get a transcript or my GPA?
      All transcripts must be requested through School Links. This option will be made available to you in the fall of your Senior year and counselors will be visiting with you about the specifics of the procedure. You must stop by the registrar’s office to pay the fee before your transcript will be uploaded to Naviance. You may also get a personal copy of your transcript in the Registrar’s office. Transcripts do not include SAT or ACT scores; these must be sent directly to the college from the testing organization.

    • I need a letter of recommendation from my counselor. What do I do?
      See your counselor for their Google link.  Allow 10 school days after submitting your Google Doc for your letter to be written and uploaded in Naviance.
    • What if I want to visit a college during a school day?
      Pick up a college visitation request form from your subschool or print download before your visit. You are allowed only two absences for college visits per year.

    • Where do I find information on NCAA Clearinghouse?
      ncaaclearinghouse – Must be done in the FALL. If I’m accepted, do I need to worry about classes and grades for second semester? YES!! Colleges will request a final transcript and have revoked admissions for students who have had a serious decline in their academic performance during their senior year.

    • What about using technology to contact colleges?
      Remember to use correct spelling, grammar, capitalization and punctuation and to use salutations. Use your full name and keep your communications professional. Monitor what is posted on your social networking websites and use an appropriate e-mail address when communicating with colleges. Remember that your e-mail could be added to your admissions file!