Long Range Facility Plan Recommendation

Long Range Facility Plan Recommendation

  • Overview

    Plano ISD has been engaged in long-range facility planning over the past year to shape the future of our district. This process began with the approval of our new Strategic Roadmap last May and has involved careful planning, community engagement, and thoughtful decision-making.

    Committee and Goals

    As part of this initiative, the Plano ISD Board of Trustees appointed a committee of over 70 dedicated individuals, including parents, staff, and community members. Their charge was to evaluate our district’s instructional facilities and make recommendations for future facility usage in accordance with carefully crafted, Board-approved guiding principles and a facility efficiency framework.

    The primary goal of this step is to maximize student opportunities and meet the needs of students with equitable and robust learning conditions. This goal has been central to the process to ensure that we continue to provide students with optimal facilities while demonstrating our commitment to fiscal responsibility and good stewardship of taxpayer resources.


    On May 21, representatives from the Long Range Facility Planning Committee presented their comprehensive review process and final recommendations to the Plano ISD Board of Trustees. These recommendations include the potential closure of the four schools listed below along with associated boundary adjustments:

    • Davis Elementary School
    • Forman Elementary School
    • Armstrong Middle School
    • Carpenter Middle School

    Factors Considered

    Factors the committee considered during the planning process include the district’s declining enrollment and large disparities across campuses in building capacity and quality of facilities. Their recommendations align with the guiding principles set by the Board and are informed by extensive community feedback gathered through six community meetings and two-way digital communication over the past nine months.

    Staff Impact

    A common concern among our community has been the impact on our staff. The Plano ISD Board has been steadfast in its commitment that every Plano ISD employee at any campus impacted by these changes will have the opportunity to remain with us. No one will lose their employment as a result of these recommendations.

    Future of Facilities

    Concerns have also been raised about the future of facilities that will no longer serve as schools. Earlier this month, our Board adopted a resolution to ensure that any surplus property will be repurposed in a way that benefits the community and respects the integrity of our neighborhoods.

    Moving forward, the Plano ISD Board will consider these recommendations and all the feedback gathered over the past year. Trustees are expected to make a decision regarding future instructional facility usage in an upcoming board meeting.

    Stay Informed

    This webpage has been a reliable source of information throughout this process and will continue to be updated as new information becomes available. Additionally, all questions and concerns submitted through this site will be monitored closely and FAQs will be updated based on common questions received.

    Next Steps

    As the Board considers the committee’s recommendations, the district recognizes the significant impact these changes could have on many of our families. However, we also recognize that this is an opportunity to improve learning conditions for many students by providing higher-quality facilities and more access to programs across the district.

    We are committed to improving the educational experience of all students and supporting those who may attend a new school in the 2025-2026 school year. We look forward to continuing to serve our students and staff as we remain committed to excellence, dedicated to caring, powered by learning, and Plano ISD proud.

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