• Expectations

    Enrollment in the PASAR after-school program constitutes an understanding that all parties will abide by the policies and procedures contained in the parent handbooks.


    PASAR will attempt to ensure:

    • It provides a supportive and consistent
    • A Site Manager is available for parent’s concerns related to their child or the program.
    • Parents are told about any issues of concern about their child and have the opportunity to visit with the Site Manager to improve the situation.
    • Parents are informed if their child does not arrive at PASAR according to his/her enrollment information.
    • Mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct are promoted in PASAR.


    Children may expect:

    • To have a supportive and consistent environment.
    • To use all PASAR equipment, materials and facilities on an equal basis.
    • To receive respectful treatment.
    • To have discipline that is fair.
    • To receive nurturing care from PASAR staff members.

    PASAR expects that children will:

    • Conduct one’s self in a responsible manner.
    • Exhibit an attitude of respect toward others. Respect and obey the school rules during the school day as well as during PASAR.
    • Remain with their group and the PASAR staff at all times.
    • Take care of materials and equipment properly and return items to their place before taking out new equipment and materials.
    • Arrive at PASAR promptly, according to the enrollment information.
    • Be prepared with homework assignments and materials for academic time.
    • Prefer to leave cell phones, electronic devices and toys at home. 

    PASAR expects that parents will:

    • Pre-pay applicable fees on time.
    • Keep the child’s enrollment records up to date.
    • Pick up their child on time.
    • Know their child’s ID
    • Contact their campus by calling the PASAR cell phone if their child will not be attending on a scheduled day.
    • Pay attention to any communication from the Site Manager regarding their child’s behavior and cooperate in efforts to bring about improvement in the situation. 
    • Promote mutual respect, civility and orderly conduct to all PASAR staff including in person, by email and on the phone.
    • Contact the PASAR finance office regarding your account and when discontinuing services.