• PASAR Medical Action Plans

    If your child requires medical attention from a physician's directive, complete the appropriate action plan. To ensure the safety of your child, plans must be completed and submitted to PASAR every academic school year.

    See District Health Forms

    • Plans must be given to the PASAR Site Manager at your child's school prior to your child starting PASAR.
    • If your child is attending Summer PASAR, Holiday Care, please verify that the Medical Action Plans are on file with PASAR.
    • A copy of the Medical Action Plan that is on file with the school nurse can be copied and given to the PASAR Site Manager.
    • Parents of any student with an epi-pen must bring over-the-counter Benadryl®, as PASAR will not stock Benadryl® for students with epi-pens.

    Only complete the medical action forms if you need to make PASAR aware of your child's medical plan(s). There is no need to submit these forms If your child does not require any medical attention from a physician's directive.