• Elementary Credit by Exam for Acceleration / Advancement Grades 1- 5


    Credit by exams for Grades 1-5, will be administered July 27-August 21 at the student's home campus.

  • Testing Guidelines

    Testing is for students in grades Kindergarten through fourth who wish to skip a grade is addressed in Board Policy EHDC (Legal), under the heading of Credit by Examination for Advancement.

    Testing sessions are offered in August, December, January, and April/May for students already enrolled in PISD.

    Students may take a Credit by Exam for acceleration purposes during any of the four testing periods. However, the following restrictions apply:

    • Placement in a new grade will only occur at the start of a school year regardless of when a CBE acceleration is taken.
    • Students may only attempt acceleration two times for the same grade/subject

    Score reports will be sent to the counselor and principal after the test session and the scoring is completed. No information on results may be released by phone or email because of privacy laws.


    Applications must be obtained from the elementary school counselor. The application must be returned to the counselor who will sign the form and send it to the Credit by Exam Office. The deadlines for the application to be in the Credit by Exam Office are listed on the Test Calendar.

  • Testing Dates and Times

    • For Students that meet testing guidelines and are enrolled in grades first - fifth with counselor approval.
    • All applications must be received by 3:00 p.m. on the Deadline Date.
    • The counselor will notify you of the specific testing date.   

    Application Deadlines and Testing Information

  • Elementary Acceleration Resources

    Information for the TEKS can be accessed on the Texas Education Agency website.

    Kindergarten to second-grade
    (Accelerate out of first-grade)
      • First-grade:  TEKS   |   Additional Resources

    First to third-grade
     (Accelerate out of second-grade)
      • Second-grade:  TEKS   |   Additional Resources

    Second to fourth-grade (Accelerate out of third-grade)
      • Third-grade:  TEKS   |   Additional Resources

    Third to fifth-grade (Accelerate out of fourth-grade)
      • Fourth-grade:  TEKS   |    Additional Resources

    Fourth-grade to sixth-grade
     (Accelerate out of fifth-grade)
      • Fifth-grade:  TEKS   |  Additional Resources

  • Contact
    Assessment, Research and Program Evaluation
    If you have any additional questions, please contact Brandi Dahlquist via email.