• Elementary Grades 1- 5 Credit by Exam for Acceleration 

  • Qualifications for Testing

    Acceleration testing is for students in grades Kindergarten through Fourth who wish to skip a grade is addressed in Board Policy EHDC (Legal), under the heading of Credit by Examination for Advancement.

    A request for Credit by Exam for acceleration may be submitted at any time during the school year. However, the following restrictions apply:

    • Placement to a new grade will only occur at the start of a school year, regardless of when a CBE acceleration is taken.
    • Students may attempt acceleration two times, one attempt per testing window for the same grade/subject.  

    About the Grades 1-5 Acceleration Test

    Students seeking grade-level acceleration/advancement must achieve 80% or higher on each of the criterion-referenced tests in the following subjects for the grade level they want to skip: 

    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Mathematics
    • Language Arts

    Grades 1-5 Acceleration/Advancement tests are administered through the University of Texas High School (UTHS) over multiple days pending the results of each subject test.    

    • Assessments are ordered one at a time, and the subsequent assessment will only be ordered after results are received that the student passes with a score of 80% or higher.
    • Assessments are given following the order listed above, and the time limit is 3 continuous hours per assessment.
    • If a student is successful with a score of 80% or higher, the next test in the sequence will be ordered.  
    • If the student is not successful, the grade acceleration process ends. The student is not eligible to accelerate.
    • To accelerate to the next grade level, the student is required to successfully pass all four assessments.

    NOTE - Students who qualify for or are currently enrolled in Math Rocks may still attempt grade-level acceleration. However, successful completion of grade-level acceleration may remove eligibility for Math Rocks. 

    Accelerate Out of
    First Grade

    • Beginning-of-year First grade student or end-of-year Kindergarten student with a desired outcome of Second grade

    Accelerate Out of
    Second Grade

    • Beginning-of-year Second grade student or end-of-year First grade student with a desired outcome of Third grade

    Accelerate Out of 
    Third Grade

    • Beginning-of-year Third grade student or end-of-year Second grade student with a desired outcome of Fourth grade

    Accelerate Out of
    Fourth Grade 

    • Beginning-of-year Fourth grade student or end-of-year Third grade student with a desired outcome of Fifth grade

    Accelerate Out of
    Fifth Grade 

    • Beginning-of-year Fifth grade student or end-of-year Fourth grade student with a desired outcome of Sixth grade

    Study Guides  

    The University of Texas - Credit By Exam Study Guides Webpage provides Study Guides for all subject tests. 

    Results and Acceleration

    *NOTE → Students may only change grade levels at the beginning of a school year.

    Results will be sent to the school Principal where the student is registered. The principal will contact the parent/guardian directly regarding the student’s test scores. The Credit by Exam office will not give out any information regarding the results of Grades 1-5 Acceleration/Advancement testing.

    Deadline and Parent Information  

    Parents/ guardians must contact their elementary school counselor for information on the Grade 1-5 Acceleration process. The deadlines are listed in the calendar below. 

    • All requests must be received by 4:00 p.m. on the deadline date.
    • The counselor will notify the parent/guardian of the testing dates and times. All tests will be administered at the student's home campus.   

    Assessment, Research and Program Evaluation
    If you have any additional questions, please email the Credit by Exam office at CBE@pisd.edu