• Online CBE Resources - University of Texas High School (UTHS)

  • The University of Texas Austin, UT High School (UTHS) Credit by Exam tests will be administered through an online platform called Canvas and monitored using a secure data monitoring system called Proctorio.  Proctorio locks down the browser to ensure a secure testing experience for each student.

    Technology Requirements 

    • An electronic device, such as a Chromebook, Desktop, Laptop (PC or Mac) with a webcam and microphone
    • Chrome Internet browser access
    • Proctorio Chrome Extension  

    Photo ID 

    As part of the test security and verification process, the student will be asked to present a Photo ID prior to beginning the test.

    Acceptable forms of Photo IDs are:

    • School ID,
    • State Issued ID (Driver's license/Permit), or 
    • Student Photo from PISD Pinnacle Gradebook App. 

    Prior to the Day of Testing

    • STEP 1 - Locate the UT High School Email (*Contains UTEID)
    • STEP 2 - Reset Your UTEID Password
    • STEP 3 - Complete the "Preparing for Your Online Exam module" in Canvas  
    • STEP 4 - Prepare for Your Exam 
    • STEP 5 - Complete Credit by Exam Test by the close of the CBE window 

    Resources & Links 

    • Proctorio Chrome Extension
      The Proctorio extension is an app that needs to be added to your Chrome internet browser one time on the device you will use for testing.  
      • Using Google Chrome, go to getproctorio.com
      • Under Step 2, click on "Click Here".
      • This will open a new tab on the Chrome Web Store. Click on "Add to Chrome".
      • A pop-up window will appear. Click on "Add extension".
      • A new icon of a shield will appear in the upper left corner of your screen next to your Chrome picture.
        This indicates Proctorio has been installed.
      • Return to the Getproctorio tab and confirm all 3 steps are now done.
      • You may now close the tabs for Proctorio and Chrome Web Store.

    • UT EID Self-Service Tools
      The UT EID is your online account at The University of Texas at Austin

    • Guide - How to Reset UT EID Password

    • Canvas
      Access your UTHS Credit by Exam Tests

    • UTHS Credit by Exam Q&A


  •  University of Texas High School CBE Support
    For questions regarding your UT EID username or password,
    please contact 

    ☎ (512) 232-5000