• Math 8 - Credit by Exam

  • This Credit by Exam is provided through Texas Tech University K-12 and is administered in an online testing format. Full-year courses are offered as two Credit By Exam assessments, Semester 1 and Semester 2, respectively. 

    IMPORTANT: Credit for both semesters must be earned in order to accelerate to the next course in sequence. 

    Testing Windows

    For information regarding test windows, please refer to the table at https://www.pisd.edu/Page/1332

    Prior to Testing

    The following steps must be completed on the device that will be used for testing before you test.

    STEP 1 - Locate the TTU K-12 Registration Email 

    Prior to the opening of the testing window, TTU will send a detailed email confirming each CBE registration.  Each email will contain instructions and links that must be accessed and completed prior to testing. The email will be sent from:

    • Domain address - ttuk12@ttu.edu 
    • Subject line - Welcome to the TTU K-12 Portal!

    STEP 2- Log In to TTU K-12 Student Portal 

    You will use the Username and Password that is provided in your CBE Registration email to log in. 

    Under Districts and School Announcements – click on “Sign into Blackboard”.

    STEP 3 - Complete the "Begin: Proctorio Practice Test" (Recommended)

    Prior to the day of testing, log in and complete the "Begin: Proctorio Practice Test".

    STEP 4 - Prepare for Your Exam

    Carefully review the TTU Online Study Guides provided below.  

    STEP 5 - Complete Credit by Exam Test

    Students must complete and submit online tests by the deadline.

    For GOVERNMENT CBE Only - IMPORTANT: Students must review the State of Texas Community Safety Education Act and complete the following google form https://bit.ly/CBE-GovtReq in order to receive their earned credit.

    CBE Review  

    TTU K-12 provides CBE Review (Online). The website links provided below and will include the following information: 

    • What to Bring 
    • About the Exam
    • Key Concepts 
    • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Chart