• High School & Senior High School Grades 9-12

    Credit By Exam 


    Updated: June 2, 2020
    May CBE testing has been rescheduled to be a June Testing Window - 
    June 15-26.

    June testing information has been posted to the PISD Mobile App.

    June & July applications are closed

    In response to concerns facing all families during these trying times, PISD is working to provide Credit by Exam (CBE) in an alternate format for Summer 2020 testing. We have collaborated with district staff to find a safe, valid, secure format for each of the exams offered. In place of in-school paper testing, we will be administering CBE in an online format. Students will be allowed to test from home utilizing a secure testing platform.  

    You will need one of the following devices to test at-home:

    • Desktop, Laptop, Mac, or Chromebook with a webcam and microphone (Chrome Browser needed on these devices)

    Students currently using a district Chromebook will need to contact your home campus to indicate that you will need to retain it for CBE testing this summer.

    Students requiring the use of district technology, please complete this CBE Chromebook Request Form.

    Students enrolled in CBE will receive a confirmation letter outlining the instructions for accessing their online exam.

    Confirmation information will be provided to parents and students via the PISD Mobile App.

    • June CBE information has been posted. - June 2, 2020.
    • July CBE information will be posted by Monday, June 29.  
  • 2019-20 Credit By Examination Parent Letters 

    The following parent letters provide detailed information on the Credit By Exam (CBE) test that your student has applied for. Carefully read the information provided and contact your student's guidance counselor if you have any questions.  There is additional course specific information that can be viewed on this page under HS Acceleration Additional Resources.   

    Parent Letter

    Credit By Examination Without Prior Instruction

    High school students who wish to earn credit for a course in which they have had no prior formal instruction may test through credit by exam. Students must demonstrate 80% or higher mastery on the exam in order to earn credit. Students are encouraged to review the course objectives and exam specifications provided in the subject links listed below.

    Examination dates are scheduled during January, May, July, and November.  Applications are available from the school counselor and must be returned to the counselor for processing. The application deadlines are listed on the Test Calendar. Parents should be aware that there are no exceptions available for students to test at other times and should plan summer vacation schedules accordingly.

    There is no charge for the testing for Plano ISD students. The results will be mailed to the parents, counselor, and registrar after the scoring is completed. No information on the test results can be provided over the telephone or by email because of privacy laws.

    Credit By Examination With Prior Instruction

    • To participate in the Credit-by-Exam with prior instruction, the student must have been enrolled in a formal course as evidenced by:
      • A transcript from an accredited or non-accredited institution or
      • Other documentation that establishes evidence of a formal course
        • A syllabus listing daily assignments
        • An explanation of the time parameters of the course
        • Documentation of the student’s performance throughout the course
        • Documentation of alignments to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
    • The student scores 70% or above on the Credit-by-Exam assessment administered.

    How to Apply

    • The application must be made through the school counselor. 
    • Students may complete applications any time during the year but must meet the application deadlines established for each testing session. CBE Deadlines are listed below.  
    • Parents should carefully read through the 2019-2020 Parent Letter for additional information about the CBE Process. 

    Students who apply for Credit By Examination are strongly encouraged to begin preparing for the exams as soon as possible. Students need to apply for Credit By Examination as soon as they are aware of the need or desire to test because they may need to know the results in time to make other plans to earn the credit if they are not successful on the Credit By Exam. Students who need to test several courses are encouraged to begin testing with core subjects such as English and Mathematics.

    Students who are new to Plano ISD may test over the summer prior to starting their first year in PISD. They must first register at their new school and be assigned a PISD ID number. Students who are new to PISD and test during the summer will not receive score reports until the school year has begun and the student is attending a PISD school.

    All tests are district developed and are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). You will find the textbook in use in the district and a link to the TEKS on each subject web page.

    Testing Guidelines

    Students may take a Credit by Exam for acceleration purposes during any of the four testing periods. However, the following restrictions apply:

    • Students must complete with a passing score the prerequisite course before attempting the next course in the sequence
    • Placement in a new course will only occur at the start of a school year (or semester for semester courses) regardless of when a CBE for acceleration is taken
    • Students may only attempt acceleration two times for the same course

    Application Deadlines and Testing Information