• Middle School Grades 6-8 Credit By Exam for Acceleration

  • Middle School Math & Accelerated Math CBE

    About the Middle School Math & Accelerated Math Test

    NOTE - Beginning Summer 2024, Credit by Exam tests for Honors Math 6 and Honors Math 7 will be administered In Person Only.

    • Q2 - May/June: Tuesday, June 4, Wednesday, June 5, or Thursday, June 6
    • Q3 - July: Tuesday, July 9, Wednesday, July 10, or Thursday, July 11

    Q2 - May/June

    Q3 - July

    Tuesday, June 4

    Tuesday, July 9

    Wednesday, June 5

    Wednesday, July 10

    Thursday, June 6

    Thursday, July 11

    Please contact your student's school counselor for additional information regarding accelerated math CBE tests, prerequisites, and course selections.   

    NOTE - Students who qualify for Math Rocks may still take the CBE test. However, if the CBE test is passed, the student is no longer eligible for Math Rocks. 

    Honors Math 6 CBE

    Honors Math 7 CBE

    Math 8 CBE

  • Middle School Grade-Level Advancement

    About the Middle School Grade-Level Advancement Test

    Students seeking grade-level acceleration/advancement must achieve 80% or higher on the criterion-referenced tests in the following subjects for the grade level they want to skip: 

    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • English Language Arts (ELAR) 
    • Mathematics (if applicable, see Middle School Math & Accelerated Math CBE tab above)

    Grades 6-8 Acceleration/Advancement CBE tests are provided through the University of Texas High School (UTHS) and are administered over multiple days pending the results of each subject test.      

    • Assessments are ordered one at a time, and the subsequent assessment will only be ordered after results are received that the student passes with a score of 80% or higher.
    • Assessments are given following the order listed above, and the time limit is 3 continuous hours per assessment. 
    • If the student is successful with the test (passing = 80% or higher), the student will be administered the next test in the sequence.  
    • If the student is not successful with the test, the grade acceleration process ends, and the student is not eligible to accelerate.
    • The student must pass all subject assessments to accelerate to the next grade level.

    Study Guides for Grade-Level Acceleration   

    The University of Texas High School CBE provides Study Guides for all grade-level acceleration subject tests on the following webpage: University of Texas - Credit By Exam Study Guides Webpage 

  • High School Credit CBE

    Qualifications for High School Credit  

    Middle school students may begin to apply for High School Credit CBE Courses during specific quarters listed below as credit earned is applied to their high school Four-Year plan.  Please see the Plano ISD Course Catalog for additional information.  

    • Rising 8th grade students may begin to apply for the Health CBE starting in quarters 2 and 3 of their 7th grade school year. 
    • Rising 9th grade students may begin to apply for Professional Communications, Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Pursuits, or LOTE CBE starting in quarters 2 and 3 of their 8th grade school year.  

    Please visit https://www.pisd.edu/cbe to view the CBE FAQ and Application and Testing Window Calendar.   

  • Results and Advancement

    Results and Advancement

    Results will be sent to the principal of the school where the student is registered. The principal will contact you directly regarding your student’s test scores. The Credit by Exam office will not give out any information regarding the results of Grades 6-8 Advancement testing.

    • Results from Plano ISD for Honors Math, Math 8, and High School Credit courses will be sent via School Messenger (https://www.pisd.edu/schoolmessenger) to the email address(es) of the parents/guardians in TEAMS and to the student's Plano ISD email address. Results are sent approximately three to five weeks after the close of the testing window. 
      • Score Reports are sent directly to the Counseling office at your student's current school.   
      • Per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), NO results will be released over the phone or in response to an email request.  

  • Application Deadlines and Testing Information

    Applications must be obtained from the school counselor. The application must be returned to the counselor who will then submit it to the Credit by Exam Office. The deadlines for the application to be in the Credit by Exam Office are listed on the Test Calendar. 

    • All applications must be received by 3:00 p.m. on the date of the deadline listed below.

    Assessment, Research and Program Evaluation
    If you have any additional questions, please email the Credit by Exam office at CBE@pisd.edu