• Middle School Grades 6-8 Credit By Exam Information 

  • Fall 2021 Testing Windows for Plano ISD Credit by Exams

    Registered students may complete their online test at their convenience during the following dates:

    • Fall CBE window is October 22 - November 1, 2021

    PISD students will be taking CBE in an online format. Students will be allowed to test from home utilizing a secure testing platform.

    Students will need one of the following devices to test at-home:

    • Desktop, Laptop, Mac, or Chromebook with a webcam and microphone (Chrome Browser needed on these devices)

    Students enrolled in CBE will receive a confirmation letter via PISD Mobile App outlining the instructions for accessing their online exam two weeks prior to testing.

  • Qualifications for Testing 

    Testing is for students who wish to skip a grade is addressed in Board Policy EHDC (Legal), under the heading of Credit by Examination for Advancement.

    Testing sessions are offered in August, December, January, and April/May for students already enrolled in PISD.

    Students may take a Credit by Exam for acceleration purposes during any of the four testing periods. However, the following restrictions apply:

    • Placement in a new grade will only occur at the start of a school year regardless of when a CBE acceleration is taken.
    • Students may only attempt acceleration two times for the same grade/subject.

    About the Middle School Grade-Level Advancement Test

    Students seeking grade-level acceleration/advancement must achieve an 80% or higher on the criterion-referenced tests in the following subjects for the grade level they want to skip: 

    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • English Language Arts

    Grades 6-8 Acceleration/Advancement CBE tests are provided through Texas Tech University, Texas Tech High School and is administered in an online testing format.

    • Students will take the Science test first, then the Social Studies test, and last is the English Language Arts test.  
      • Test Formats vary in the number of items, however all tests contain Multiple Choice and Open Response/Essay items. 
    • If the student is successful with the test (passing = 80% or higher), the student will be administered the next test in the sequence.  
    • If the student is not successful with the test, the grade acceleration process ends, and the student is not eligible to accelerate.

    All Review Sheets for the exams are provided directly through Texas Tech University, Texas Tech High School website links provided below.  

    Each Review Sheet will include the following information:

    • What to Bring 
    • About the Exam 
      • Number of Test Items 
      • Description of the Test 
        • Types of Questions: Multiple Choice or Open Response 
      • Time Limit 
      • Textbook used for the Course (ISBN number)
    • Preparation Tips 
    • Practice Exam 
    • Practice Exam Answer Key
    • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Chart 
      • Alignment of TEKS to Test Questions
      • Level of Bloom's Taxonomy per TEKS  

    Results and Advancement

    Results will be sent to the principal of the school where the student is registered. The principal will contact you directly regarding your student’s test scores. The Credit by Exam office will not give out any information regarding the results of Grades 6-8 Advancement testing.

    About the Middle School Math & Accelerated Math Test

    Please contact your student's guidance counselor for additional information regarding accelerated math CBE tests, prerequisites, and course selections.   

    NOTE - Students who qualify for Math Rocks, may still take the CBE test, however, if the CBE test is passed the student is no longer eligible for Math Rocks. 

    All communication and results for CBE test taken in Plano ISD will be posted to the PISD Mobile App.  

    Honors Math 6 CBE

    Honors Math 7 CBE

    Math 8A CBE
    First Semester 

    • Current 7th grade students with a desired outcome of Honors Algebra 1
    • Mathematics 8A Credit by Exam is provided through Texas Tech University ISD.  
    • Information for Math 8A can be accessed on the Texas Tech CBE Review Sheet website.

    Math 8B CBE
    Second Semester 

    • Current 7th grade students with a desired outcome of Honors Algebra 1
    • Mathematics 8B Credit by Exam is provided through Texas Tech University ISD.  
    • Information for Math 8B can be accessed on the Texas Tech CBE Review Sheet website.


    Application Deadlines and Testing Information

    Applications must be obtained from the elementary school counselor. The application must be returned to the counselor who will sign the form and send it to the Credit by Exam Office. The deadlines for the application to be in the Credit by Exam Office are listed on the Test Calendar. 

    • All applications must be received by 3:00 p.m. on the Deadline Date.
    • The counselor will notify you of the specific testing date.  
    • See dates below.

    Assessment, Research and Program Evaluation
    If you have any additional questions, please email the Credit by Exam office at CBE@pisd.edu