• Middle School Credit By Exam Grades 6-8

  • 2020-2021 Credit By Examination Parent Letters

    The following parent letters provide detailed information on the Credit By Exam (CBE) test that your student has applied for. Carefully read the information provided and contact your student's guidance counselor if you have any questions. There is additional course-specific information that can be viewed on this page under MS Acceleration Additional Resources.

    Parent Letter

    Middle School Credit By Exam 

    Credit by Examination for Advancement (Without Prior Instruction) is available to sixth through eighth-grade students who wish to advance a grade level. 

    Students wishing to skip a grade level must demonstrate 80% or higher mastery in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. If a student fails to meet 80% mastery on any test the testing will be discontinued.

    For a student to advance in mathematics they must have an 80% or higher mastery for the two semesters combined. Counselors should refer to the Middle School Math Advancement Path worksheet to determine what test, if any, is needed for advancement.

    Note: Students who qualify for Math Rocks, may still take the CBE exam, however, if the CBE exam is passed the student is no longer eligible for Math Rocks. 

    All communication and results for Credit by Exams taken in Plano ISD will be posted to the PISD Mobile App.  


    Applications may be obtained from the middle school counselor. The application must be returned to the counselor. The deadlines for the application to be in the Credit by Exam Office are listed on the Test Calendar.

    Testing Guidelines

    Students may take a Credit by Exam for acceleration purposes during any of the four testing periods. However, the following restrictions apply:

    • Students must complete and earn credit for all prerequisite courses before attempting Credit by Exam for the next course in sequence.
    • Placement in a new course will only occur at the start of a school year (or semester for semester courses) regardless of when a CBE for acceleration is taken
    • Students may only attempt acceleration two times for the same course

     Application Deadlines and Testing Information

    (Desired outcome Honors Math 7)
    •  Honors Math 6 CBE 

    Current 6th Grade Math or Honors 6th Grade Math
    (Desired outcome Honors Algebra 1)
    •  Honors Math 7 CBE

    Current 7th Grade Math
    (Desired outcome Honors Algebra 1)
    *Mathematics 8A and 8B Credit by Exams come from Texas Tech University ISD
    Additional information for Math 8A and 8B can be accessed on the Texas Tech CBE Review Sheet website.
    •  Math 8A First Semester CBE
    •  Math 8B Second Semester CBE


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