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  • Texas Tech University (TTU) K-12 Credit by Exam tests will be administered through an online platform called Blackboard and monitored using a secure data monitoring system called Proctorio. Proctorio locks down the browser to ensure a secure testing experience for each student.



    Social Studies

    Technology Requirements 

    • An electronic device, such as a Chromebook, Desktop, Laptop (PC or Mac) with a webcam and microphone
    • Chrome Internet browser access
    • Proctorio Chrome Extension  

    Photo ID 

    As part of the test security and verification process, the student will be asked to present a Photo ID prior to beginning the test. Acceptable forms of Photo IDs are:

    • School ID,
    • State Issued ID (Driver's license/Permit), or
    • Student Photo from PISD Pinnacle Gradebook App. 

    Prior to the Day of Testing

    • STEP 1 - Install the Proctorio Extension prior to the day of testing  
    • STEP 2 - Access your TTU K-12 Student Portal to take your CBE Test
    • STEP 3 - Complete Credit by Exam Test by the close of the CBE window

    How to Access my TTU Online CBE Tests

    Carefully read through the following information on how to access your online Credit by Exam tests.  The students must complete all steps listed below.

  • Prior to Testing

    Prior to Testing 

    Students must complete the following steps to access their University of Texas High School (UTHS) Credit by Exam Online tests. 

    • STEP 1 - Install Proctorio Chrome Extension
    • STEP 2 - Locate the TTU K-12 Registration Email 
    • STEP 3 - Login to TTU K-12 Student Portal 
    • STEP 4 - Complete Credit by Exam Test 

    Helpful Resources

  • Prepare for Your Exams - Study Guides

    TTU K-12 CBE Study Guides Webpage → https://bit.ly/StudyTTU 

    Study Guides are provided directly through the TTU and will include the following information:

    • What to Bring 
    • About the Exam
    • Key Concepts 
    • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Chart 

  • STEP 1 - Install Proctorio Chrome Extension

    The Proctorio Chrome Extension is an app that needs to be added to your Chrome internet browser one time on the device you will use for testing.  

    • Using Google Chrome, go to getproctorio.com
    • Under Step 2, click on "Click Here".
    • This will open a new tab on the Chrome Web Store. Click on "Add to Chrome".
    • A pop-up window will appear. Click on "Add extension".
    • A new icon of a shield will appear in the upper left corner of your screen next to your Chrome picture. 
      This indicates Proctorio has been installed.
    • Return to the Getproctorio tab and confirm all 3 steps are now done.
    • You may now close the tabs for Proctorio and Chrome Web Store.

    Helpful Resources 

  • STEP 2 - Locate the TTU K-12 Registration Email

    Prior to the opening of the testing window, TTU will send a detailed email confirming CBE registration. 

    • The email will contain instructions and links that must be completed prior to testing. 
    • Email Domain address - ttuk12@ttu.edu

    • Subject line - Welcome to the TTU K-12 Portal!


  • STEP 3 - Login to TTU K-12 Student Portal

    TTU Portal Login → https://portal.k12.ttu.edu

    Please allow two working days (up to 48 hours) from the time you received your TTU Registration email before accessing your course.  This will allow time for your information to populate the system.

    TTU Registration email includes your Username and a Temporary Password that you will be requested to change.

    • Use the Username and Password provided in your CBE Registration email to login. 

    • Under Districts and School Announcements – click on “Sign into Blackboard”.

    TTU Recommendation

    • Students should login and complete the "Begin: Proctorio Practice Test".

    Helpful Resources 

  • STEP 4 - Complete Credit by Exam Test

    Students must complete and submit their online tests by 11:59 PM on the last day of the Testing Window listed on the Grades 9-12 CBE webpage

  • Texas Tech University K-12 Portal Support
    If you have any questions, please visit the 
    Student Support Portal 

       ☎ (800) 692-6877