• New Classroom Technology for 2024-2025

    This fall, classroom teachers will be empowered with digital and physical tools to not only be "untethered", enabling them to facilitate instruction from anywhere in the room, but also to develop high-quality instructional practices that improve student performance. 

    The tools and devices on this page were carefully selected with the intention to support the implementation of the 2024-2029 Digital Learning Plan

Instructional Technology Beliefs

    • Students don’t learn from technology; they learn from thinking, collaborating, and doing. Technology is most beneficial as a learning tool when it causes students to think critically, collaborate easily, and create boundlessly.
    • Equitable access to technology narrows the digital divide and makes transformative learning opportunities available to all learners.
    • Effective use of technology aids efforts to differentiate and personalize instruction.
    • Assistive technologies help students overcome obstacles related to access and disabilities.
    • Developing students’ digital literacy and citizenship skills is a priority pursuit.
    • Technology is a catalyst ingredient for developing Plano ISD’s Portrait of a Graduate dispositions. (Adaptability, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Curiosity, Empathy)
    • Decisions about technology hardware and software will prioritize untethered teaching and learning to maximize instructional possibilities.

    From the 2024-2029 Digital Learning Plan

  • Digital Learning Tools & Objectives

    Digital Learning Objectives for PISD Educators

    1. Create Explainer Videos (Explain Everything): Utilize Explain Everything to develop clear and engaging explainer videos. This tool helps break down complex concepts into manageable, visual segments, making it easier for students to understand and retain information. pisd.edu/explaineverything
    2. Create Engaging Pear Deck Presentations: Use Pear Deck to design interactive presentations that actively involve students in the learning process. This tool fosters engagement and ensures that students are not passive recipients of information but active participants. pisd.edu/peardeck
    3. Cast and Annotate Student Work Using an iPad and Apple TV: Employ an iPad and Apple TV to display and annotate student work in real-time. This approach allows for immediate feedback, encourages collaborative learning, and makes classroom discussions more dynamic and interactive. pisd.edu/ipads
    4. Leverage AI with a Discernment Mindset to Support Teaching Tasks: Integrate AI tools to streamline administrative tasks and personalize learning experiences while maintaining a critical perspective. This ensures that technology enhances teaching effectiveness without compromising educational values or student privacy. pisd.edu/ai

  • Apple TV, Apple Pencil, & iPad

    See iPad page for details. Classroom teachers will have an Apple TV installed on their existing projector, they will receive an iPad with a keyboard case, and an Apple Pencil. 

    Apple TV

    iPad with keyboard case

    Apple Pencil

  • Dell Laptop & Samsung Curved Monitor

    Teacher classroom setup:

    • Dell Laptop 7440, i7

    • Metal laptop stand that swivels and tilts

    • Extra keyboard, mouse

    • Curved 34” Samsung monitor - slow rollout throughout the year

  • Mobile Desk & Backpack

    Ergotron Mobile Desk

    • Height adjustable

    • Cup Holder

    • Slot for remotes, pens, etc

    • Two buckets for other materials

    • Hook for backpack or other bag

    • Custom PISD backpack

    • Enables teachers to move around the classroom to facilitate instruction.

  • Windows 11

    See Windows 11 page on the left. 

  • Training & Support

    Technical Support: Contact your CTA or the Help Desk, 28767 or tsos@pisd.edu

    Technology Integration Support:

    • Training video coming soon.
    • Your campus PLANner can be a support to you.
    • Your Art teacher has been using iPads and Apple TVs and may be able to be a support to you. 
    • Contact the Digital Learning Team, digitallearningteam@pisd.edu