• Passwords

    Password Requirements

    • Must be between 8-16 characters long
    • It should contain at least 1 character from each of the following:
      • Uppercase Letters (A-Z)
      • Lowercase Letters (a-z)
      • Numbers (0-9)
      • Special Symbols (!, $, #, %, @, etc)
    • It may not contain any spaces
    • It may not be the same as your username

    Password Changes

  • Anytime
    If a student or staff member needs to change their password on a network computer, just press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the keyboard and click "Change a Password".
    If not on a network computer, go to password.pisd.edu to change the password. 

  • New Staff Members
    When a new staff member is hired into the district, they will be given information on how to set up their network password.
    Need password help? Contact your CTA or the Help Desk, ext. 28767. 

  • Students at the Beginning of the School Year
    When students return to school in August, their passwords will be reset.
    They must enter Tx123456# (Capital T and replace 123456 with student ID number)

  • Tips for Chromebook Users

    If no one is logged in to the Chromebook, there is a PISD-Password-App section in the bottom left menu. The App takes users through the password creation process.

    1. Click on the Apps button on the bottom tray. (Do not try to log into the Chromebook yet.)
    2. Click on the PISD-Password-App option.