• WeVideo

    • WeVideo is an online video editor
    • PISD users have access to premium videos, audio, and images 
    • Record your voice (think narration!)
    • Green screen tools
    • Record your screen
    • Teachers can create groups for students to work collaboratively on a project! 
    • Works great on Chromebooks!
    • Access it via the WeVideo Webdesk app
  • ⭐Getting Started Guides (New!)

    WeVideo Classroom

    WeVideo has updated their dashboard to include creating a classroom, importing students, creating individual or collaborative team projects, and more. Check out their guide:

    WeVideo Getting Started

    The complete guide to getting started with WeVideo including a dashboard tour, editing basics, etc.

    WeVideo Getting Started Guide

  • Teacher Access

    Teacher Access

    Launch the WeVideo app in Webdesk

    wevideo app

  • Student Access

    Student Access

    1. Students will open the WeVideo app in their Webdesk, just as teachers do.

    wevideo webdesk app

    - If for some reason a student does not have it, the student can click the plus sign to open the app library,  search WeVideo, and add it. Capitalize the W when searching!

    adding wevideo in webdesk app library

    2. Students can click "Join" and enter the teacher's class code OR, if the teacher has rostered the class using Google Classroom, the student will already see the class in their dashboard.

    How Students Get WeVideo

    Having trouble logging in?

    See the Support section below.

  • Creating Collaborative Teams

    Create Teams (Teachers Only)

    Page 5 of this Google Doc explains what to do: The New WeVideo Classroom: Getting Started Guide + FAQs

  • Record/Import Audio

    Recording and Importing Audio 

    1. Open a new or existing project.

    2. Click "Narrate" to record your voice. When you have finished recording, the audio track will appear in your timeline in the Voiceover 1 track. You can click Finish to save it as an MP3 file or continue editing by adding video/images with your narration. 

    narrate and import audio

    3. Click Finish

    4. Name the file. Export as Audio only. Choose Google Drive as a destination. Mark it as public if you're sharing via WeVideo. Click Save.

    save audio

    5. Once it has finished exporting, you can share the URL (if marked for public viewing), share to Google Classroom, and download the file as an MP3.

    share audio recording  

  • Editing & Special Effects

    Getting Started

    Capture Content

    Import Media

    Editing Basics

    Storyboard Mode

    Add Media

    Finishing Your Video


    Advanced Editing Capabilities

    How to create a Green Screen effect

    5 Steps to create Green Screen videos.

    How to create a podcast

    Share your ideas to the campus, community, or the world.

    How to blur portions of your video (faces, text, etc.)

    Need to blot out parts of video for security or to limit distractions?  Watch this video.

    How to apply animation

    Make still images come to life with animation effects.

  • Import & Narrate a Slideshow

    Click sheet for importing & narrating slides in WeVideo 

  • Chrome Extension

    WeVideo Extension - Video Editor for Chrome

  • Training Resources (WeVideo Academy, etc.)

    Great place to start - Introduction to WeVideo for Beginners (6-min video)

    WeVideo Academy - www.wevideo.com/academy

    Ideas Hub - https://www.wevideo.com/education-resources

    YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/wevideo

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/WeVideo     #WeVideo

    2021 Summer WeVideo Class presentation:

  • Support


    In addition to the awesome WeVideo Educator & Student Resources on this page, please contact the Plano ISD Digital Learning Team for support on using WeVideo. 

    Login Issues

    "Your Account is Expired" - if you see this message, please contact a member of the DLT

  • Get WeVideo Certified!

    Earn your WeVideo certification

    Who/Why: Whether you are new to WeVideo or a skilled user, consider earning a WeVideo certification! The course takes you through challenges and scenarios in which you'll learn so much and/or polish your skills.  

    How: Join the WeVideo Creator Community https://creators.wevideo.com/ and begin their awesome lessons and challenges to earn your Bronze/Silver/Gold certifications. 

    wevideo certification

WeVideo Quick Overview