• Adobe Spark for Education

    Plano ISD now has premium features for K-12!

    Adobe Spark is an online and mobile design app that lets you and your students easily and quickly create:

    • Narrated videos
    • Printed material
    • Graphics
    • Writing assignments

    Teacher and Student Login Instructions:

    1. Go to Webdesk and click on the PISD Adobe Spark (Enterprise ID) tile. No need to add this tile, because you already have it on your dashboard.                         Image of the Adobe Spark tile
    2. Do not try to override the settings as you will see different windows cycle through the sign in process. Basically, just don't do anything until you see the page shown in step 3.
    3. Choose Block and then uncheck receiving Adobe Spark Newsletter, and then click Continue:
      The word Block is circled along with a checkmark and then the word continue
    4. You are now ready to create! Example of the personalized dashboard:
      spark dashboard
  • Creative Storytelling with Adobe Spark

    The Digital Learning Team attended the 2018 TIA conference @LoneStarTIA for educational technology and brought back with us some excellent resources, including this gem from @ClaudioZavalaJr. He created the following Spark page to teach his session titled "Creative Storytelling with Adobe Spark".

    Scroll and click through his Spark Page below to see teacher and student examples of Adobe Spark "Page", "Post", and "Video". 

    creative storytelling with adobe spark