• Sign In as an Administrator

    Sign in as an Administrator

    Principals are listed as "Admins" at their campus. 

    1. Launch the Seesaw app from Webdesk

    2. Select I'm a Seesaw for Schools Administrator

    seesaw admin sign in

    3. Click on Administrator Sign in with Google

    admin sign in with google

  • Get Started with Seesaw for Administrators

    View this 5-min introduction to Seesaw for administrators and learn how you can actively engage with the learning experiences in your school. This video will show the Seesaw experience for teachers, students and families.

  • 🔍 Admin Dashboard Overview

    Seesaw Help Center webpage: How to Use the School Dashboard

    View this 5 min. video to learn about the Admin Dashboard.

  • 📊Analytics and Metrics in Seesaw

    What kind of Analytics and Metrics can Admins see?

    The Analytics Tab

    The Overview Tab

    Student Activity Report (week)

  • ⚙ School Wide Settings

    Learn how to manage School Wide Settings.

    How to Manage Schoolwide Settings

    Messages School Settings for Admins

  • 💭Seesaw Messages for Administrators (Translation, too)

    Learn how to manage message settings, visibility levels, and leverage messages for family engagement.

    How to use Messages: Administrator Guide (PDF)

    Watch this 5 min. video:

    Messaging: School Wide Settings

    How do Admins set school wide messages settings

    View this 2-min. video  Customize message settings for your school. 

      • Students/ family conversation settings
      • Teacher and Administrator settings

    Messaging: Admins can view all messages.

    How do Admin View or Remove School Messages

    View this 1-min. video to find out how.

    Messaging: Parents cannot initiate conversations with teachers

    The Seesaw messaging tool is wonderful for sending announcements and for utilizing the automatic translation feature. Parents will not be able to initiate conversations with parents.  This option has been disabled at the district level. 

    Messaging: Translations

    Support Families by leveraging Seesaw's translation feature in Messages. This is available on any device that is seet to a language other than English. View this Seesaw Help Center page: How to translate Text in Seesaw for more information.  

  • Add/Delete Administrators & Teachers

    Add/Remove Administrators:

    Review Step-by-Step directions on the Seesaw Support page: How to add or remove additional school and district administrators

    View this 1.5-min. video on how to add/remove administrators.

    Add/Remove Teachers: 

    Review Step-by-Step directions on the Seesaw Support page: How to remove teachers from your school dashboard 

    View this 1-min. video on how to add/remove administrators.

  • Switch Between Account Types

    Switch Accounts 

    You can change the views from Administrator to Teacher or Student account.

    1. Click on your name on the top left of the screen and select the settings gear. 

    2. Locate "Switch to... Account". This will let you toggle between views.

    switch accounts

  • Using Skills in Your Campus (TEKS)

    Did you know Seesaw can attach a TEK to any assignment? Teachers can rate students on level of proficiency and gain insights for individuals and for the class as a whole.  

    Go to the Seesaw Help Center webpage: How to use Skills.

    View this 4.5-min. video to find out how: Seesaw Skills and Progress Skills View.