• Kami Premium (Secondary)

    • Secondary teachers and students have PREMIUM access to Kami. 
    • Elementary teachers have access to the free version. Visit the Elementary Kami page for information.
    • Kami allows students and teachers to annotate on eBooks, images, publisher-supplied PDFs, worksheets, and more. 
    • Kami lets secondary teachers utilize curriculum documents in a way that integrates with Google Classroom.
    • Kami makes learning accessible to all with embedded supports such as Read Aloud, Voice Typing, Dark Mode, Specialized Fonts, and more. Read more here.


    For assistance with implementation ideas/strategies, training, or logging in, please contact the Digital Learning Team - pisd.hotspot@pisd.edu.

  • Access for Teachers

    1. Download and install the Kami Chrome Extension:

    2. Sign in using the "Login with Google" button using your PISD Google credentials.

    3. Open Webdesk and open the Kami (PISD) tile. If you do not have the tile on your dashboard, you can add it from the App Library.

    PISD Kami App

    4. For Secondary Teachers, if you do not see the "License: Education" in your profile, be sure that you installed the Kami Chrome Extension (linked above) and login with Google. 

    kami license: education


    Please reach out to the Digital Learning Team (pisd.hotspot@pisd.edu) for implementation or troubleshooting assistance.  

  • Access for Students

    1. Download and install these Kami extensions/app:

    It's not necessary for students to add the Kami app in Webdesk since they will be launching Kami from the extension or Google Classroom or Google Drive. 

  • Premium Features

    (See Free vs. Premium comparison chart here)  

    Annotation Tools

    • Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough
    • Add Text Box
    • Text, Voice, Video, and Screen Capture Comments
    • Insert Shapes
    • Insert Images
    • Insert Signature
    • Voice and Video Comments
    • Equation Editor
    • Add Page (Blank, Grid, Lined and Music)


    • Freehand Drawing


    • Dictionary
    • Text to Speech (Multiple languages! Instructions)
    • Voice Typing


    • Split & Merge Documents
    • Kami & Google Classroom Integration
    • Scanned Documents (OCR)

  • What's New in Kami

    Keep up with current Kami product updates by visiting, "What's New in Kami". Scroll down to the bottom to find previous monthly updates. 

  • Accesibility with Kami

    Check out this blog on Boosting Accessibility and Inclusion with Kam ihttps://www.kamiapp.com/blog/boosting-accessibility/ 

  • Independent Learning With Kami

    Independent Learning with Kami

    Learn more about how students can use Kami's accessibility tools to support becoming independent learners. 

    Make learning accessible to all by:

    • Making PDFs accessible
    • Supporting all students
    • Engaging everyone
    • Leveling the playing field

    More details can be found on Kami's Accessibility page.

    Get inspired by one of our Plano ISD students, Cooper Johnson (11th grader at PESH) as he tells about his dyslexia journey.

  • Kami and Google Classroom

    Watch this 5-minute video to learn how to assign and grade with Kami.

  • Kami Clicksheet for Secondary

    Kami Clicksheet for Secondary

  • Kami Connect Sessions and Live Webinars

    Watch the recordings and access the resources from Kami Connect Sessions and Live Webinars

    • Professional Development
    • Inspirational Speakers 
    • Preview New Kami Features

    This learning opportunity is provided by Kami and not Plano ISD.

    Our Digital Learning Specialist, Lilly Jensby, was a featured presenter
    in the July 2021 Kami Connect Conference!

    Watch her here! https://youtu.be/aLjzvOHLPKs?t=7279