• Quick Tip to view your Desktop

    Quickly show your desktop by clicking the vertical bar on your Taskbar that's located to the right of the date/time. 

    vertical bar to right of time and date

  • New Windows Laptop/Desktop Setup

    1. Sign in to your managed device with Plano ISD credentials. - Close any PISD generated message. 
    2. Set Chrome as Default Browser - View this short video or follow these steps:  
      Click the Start Menu —> Settings —> Apps —> Default Apps
      —> Web browser —> select Google Chrome System —> X Close. 
    3. Set up Outlook Email - Click on the Outlook app, sign-in and follow prompts.
    4. Install Software - Go to App Depot from your desktop screen.  Search for and install the following apps (if you encounter errors, contact your CTA or the Help Desk at 28767):
      1. Microsoft Teams (NEW)
      2. Google Drive Desktop (Install Latest Google Drive)
      3. Zoom - After installing Zoom, sign in from the desktop icon.  If prompted, leave the "education" box UNchecked, complete the setup and close.
    5. Install Printer(s) - View this short video or follow step-by-step instructions here.  Restart computer for changes to take effect.
    6. Sign in to Webdesk - For assistance, go to http://webdesk.pisd.edu. 
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.