• Printer Installation Instructions

    PLEASE NOTE: Instructions have been updated.

    1. On your desktop screen (blue screen), click on the  PISD apps folder icon.

    2. When the folder opens, click Utilities and select PISD Network Printer Installation.

    3.  A  tab will open in Microsoft Edge. Find the column containing your site name and click on the printer icon at the top of the column.

    4.  After the page loads, find the printer you want to install (use CTRL+F to search for printer) and click on the hyperlinked Name (begins with V) in the left column. 

    5. On your printer's page, under the Printer Actions section on the left, click on Connect.  Click Yes for the pop-up message box. 

    6. The printer will install and you will see a message showing that the printer was installed successfully. Restart computer for changes to take effect.

    *** If you receive an option to "sync," UNCHECK the box.



    Call the Help Desk if you have any questions - 28767.



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