• Empowered Use

    • Be careful and gentle: Take care of our devices and networks.
    • Be empowered: Amaze us with the awesome things you do. 
    • Be respectful: foster a school community that is positive, principled, and caring.
    • Be smart and safe: Think before you click. If you are uncertain, ask someone you trust.

    Adapted from The Lincoln School

    Acceptable Use Guidelines (AUG)

    • Applies to all network users.
    • Applies to all technology resources.

    Review the CQ (Local) Board Policy linked on this page. 

    Remember that every time you log in to a district computer, you agree to the terms of this policy. 

    Examples of Improper Use of a Computer or the Network

    All of the following are PROHIBITED on our network:

    • Racist, profane or obscene language
    • Using the network for financial gain
    • Harming or attempting to harm the equipment or data
    • Accessing inappropriate material
    • Bypassing web filters, including GoGuardian, using proxy websites, VPNs, browser extensions or any other means.
    • Knowingly placing a computer virus on a computer or the network
    • Using a computer or the network for illegal purposes

    Specifics Regarding Email

    Email is considered a public document under the Texas Open Records Law and can be made available to members of the public or news media through open records requests.

    • Use appropriate language. (No swearing, vulgarity, ethnic or racial slurs)
    • No sending of obscene messages or pictures.
    • Do NOT send chain letters, etc. Notify friends that you cannot receive them on your PISD email account. Ask them to send these to your home email address.
    • Requests for personal information on students or staff members should not be honored via email. (see CQ(EXHIBIT E)). No grade or related information should be exchanged without the signed parent/guardian form on file. In addition, security information such as username or password should not be sent via email.

    Student Code of Conduct