• Scheduling Class Times

    IMPORTANT - Scheduling your class time is very important for secondary teachers and also elementary teachers who departmentalize. 

    • Be sure NOT to schedule your class session for all day.
    • Set each class session for its appropriate time. For example, you will schedule your first period session for 9-9:50 a.m. That way, you're not encroaching on the next class period teacher's session.  
    • Be careful to check that am or pm is correctly selected. See example below.

    1. Click on the class name, Settings, and then Scheduling. 

    2. Be sure your schedule is set to the correct times. The time might default to am and you will need to manually change it to pm. For example, if you set your class time from 3 pm to 4 pm, be sure that pm is indeed selected. NOT 3am-4am. See example of mistake below. 

     start time and end time are set to am but should be set to pm   

    What's wrong with this picture?
    Am needs to be changed to pm. 











    Multiple Start/Stop Times (Same Day)

    GoGuardian provides teachers the ability to create multiple start/stop times for the same day. This feature is quite useful if you are part of a team that departmentalizes and you rotate students.

    Image showing how to schedule multiple start/stop times