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    Not seeing a student's screen?

    Possible Reason #1: Lag time

    Solution #1: Give it a minute

    Possible Reason #2: "Student not found". A common reason for not seeing your student's screen in your GoGuardian active session is if a student joined your Google Classroom using their personal Gmail account and then you uploaded your Google Classroom class into GoGuardian when you created the GoGuardian class. 

    Solution #2: Either have your student do this or do it for him/her: 1) unenroll student who signed in using their Gmail account from the Google Classroom, 2) re-enroll student using their PISD email address.


    Are you seeing two screens for a student?

    If you see two screens for a student, one in which states "Monitoring is Restricted", this means that the student is also logged into another device either at home or on a computer at school. GoGuardian cannot monitor the student's activity on their personal Chromebook at home or on a PC.