• Fortunately, you don't have to start from scratch when developing Hyperdocs for your students. The following resources contain thousands of templates to help you get started:

    Teachers Give Teachers

    This is a FREE Hyperdocs resource sharing site that is organized by content or tags. At the heart of creating HyperDocs are all of the collaborating and sharing opportunities. Lessen your workload, be inspired by other’s ideas and share your lessons by joining Teachers Give Teachers.

    HyperDocs Google Drive Folders

    Click on the link below to gain access to a Google Drive Folder that you can access anytime. Be sure to make your own copy of the HyperDocs to make it your own.

    HyperDocs Google Drive Folders

    More HyperDocs Google Drive Folders

    HyperDocs Padlets

    Both of these resources contain some great HyperDocs templates. They might take a few seconds to load, but it is well worth the wait. Pro tip! Press Ctrl+f on your keyboard to search for keywords on the padlets

    HyperDocs Padlet from the HyperDocs Online Course

    Ditchbooks with HyperDocs Padlet

    HyperDocs Facebook Page

    This is a forum of over 32,000 members (and counting!) where educators can share thoughts, questions, ideas, resources, and HyperDocs! To find a specific HyperDoc, be sure to search using tags.

    HyperDocs Facebook Page