• What are Multimedia Text Sets?

    By Lisa Highfill in her Multimedia Text Sets Blog

    "A Multimedia Text Set is a document with links to a variety of different types of media. The instructional intention is to give students opportunities to explore content that has been curated for a specific purpose. When a student is learning on a Multimedia Text Set, they are consuming information. I like to think of it as taking all the resources that I would have used in a class lecture, package it on a Google Doc and give it to the students."  

    "I ... use Multimedia Text Sets to teach my students more inquiry methods for learning, how to slow down and search for ideas and concepts that they find interesting, and to build curiosity and background knowledge for a topic before launching into the whole lesson. By asking students to explore a text set, I'm wanting them to break a cycle of learning that was based on task completion and doing things just for a grade."

    Read her blog and see templates/samples!