• GoGuardian - Chromebook Management

    • GoGuardian is a Chromebook management tool for PISD teachers to use with the Chromebooks in their classrooms. 
    • Watch the video for a quick overview of this awesome tool! 
    • Create a culture of positive norms with this tool. Let's not use it as a punitive tool, but rather a tool to redirect students from distractions and provide concrete guidance that contribute to positive digital citizenship.
  • Who is it for?

    • Plano ISD teachers to use with students on Chromebooks in the classroom. 

  • How can I get trained?

    • Online Training - GoGuardian has a great online training program that you can sign into and follow self-paced, short 'n sweet how-to videos on your own. https://training.goguardian.com/ Click "Getting Started with GoGuardian Teacher" and then "Enroll in Course for Free" button. Create an account and you can then begin the training. 

    Getting Started with GoGuardian Teacher

    • Face-to-Face Training
      • Schedule a training with the Digital Learning Team to come to your campus! We can work with your principal to schedule a day for us to work with your team during planning periods, before/after school, or whenever is convenient for you. We are also happy to work with you one-on-one. 

  • How do I log in?


    • Sign into Webdesk and open the "PISD GoGuardian (Library)" app. 

    pisd goguardian app

  • How do I add students?

    1) Create a Classroom - once you have signed into GoGuardian, click the green "Add Classroom" button on the top right of the screen. 

    • Google Classroom users: If you are using Google Classroom, you can select "Add Google Classroom" at the bottom of this window and select your classrooms. You can then choose to schedule your class time or skip it for now. If your students are not in Google Classroom yet, you can still add the class here and then click "Sync Students from Google" after the students have been added in Google Classroom. Skip step 2 below
    • Non-Google Classroom users: If you are not using Google Classroom, then fill out the classroom information (name, subject, etc.) and click Add Classroom to save it. 
    • You can choose to schedule your class time or skip it for now.
    • It is not necessary to add a "Scene" yet (you can do this later). 

    2) Click "Add Students" - after you have created your classroom, the easiest way to add your students is to give them an enroll code to join. (Google Classroom users will skip this step).

    goguardian enroll

  • Scheduling Sessions

    Important: Scheduling your class time is very important for secondary teachers and elementary teachers who departmentalize. Be sure NOT to schedule your class session for all day. Set each class session for its appropriate time. For example, you will schedule your first period session for 9-9:50 a.m. That way, you're not encroaching on the next class period teacher's session. See Scheduling Class Times page on the left for a closer look. 

  • How do I learn more?

    View the how-to training videos on the GoGuardian training website. Create an account, enroll in the course, and begin! You can start from the beginning or go directly to a video topic that interests you. 


    As always, please contact the Digital Learning Team for help! (Clara, Nancy, Fern, and Leah)

  • Watch this short GoGuardian Demo Video!

    Watch this video for a quick overview of this awesome tool! Click on "Watch the Demo" button.

  • GoGuardian Access

    Owners Can: View classroom sessions, enroll & archive students, send commands, start/end sessions, change classroom schedule,

    Owners Can: View classroom sessions, enroll & archive students, send comments, start/end sessions, change classroom schedule, edit the classroom name/description/color, archive the classroom

    Teachers Can: View classroom sessions, enroll & archive students, send comments, start/end sessions

    Helpers Can: View classrooms