• PISD Digital Learning Day Showcase 2022!

    The PISD Digital Learning Team asked principals to nominate an educator on their campus who demonstrates innovative digital learning in their classroom/environment. Teachers submitted testimonials and artifacts of their favorite digital learning ideas/lessons/tools. Here they are!

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    FOMO Classes were on Feb. 22

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    Established by All4Ed (https://all4ed.org/digital-learning-day/), this day celebrates the amazing lessons happening in our classrooms using digital tools.
    Teachers can share ideas and grow their Professional Learning Networks.
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  • Blue-Bots by Sarah Daigrepont
    Tell us about it! They incorporate coding with all subjects using Blue-Bots while differentiating for various ages. This project was coding the Blue-Bot through the life cycle of a pumpkin! 
    🎬 Show us! Sarah shows how they use Blue-Bots! (Video)
    🤩 Lesson - Blue-Bot Activity
    📝 Learn more at pisd.edu/cs (sign in)
    🏫 Haun Elementary - Sarah is the librarian - Sarah's webpage 
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  • WeVideo by Ellen Miller
    Tell us about it! Ellen uses WeVideo with students to create video biographies. They use greenscreens to incorporate effective backgrounds and show what they know. 
    🎬 Show us! Ellen teaches WeVideo Tips
    📝 Learn more at pisd.edu/wevideo
    🏫 Daffron Elementary - Ellen is the librarian - her webpage
    👍 Follow Ellen on Twitter! @Daffron_Library

  • Flipgrid by Sydni Sonnier
    Tell us about it!
    "Students are working in WIN (What I Need) Time to enrich their understanding of one of our 4th grade essential standards where students are expected to recognize characteristics and structures of informational text, including the central idea with supporting evidence (4.9Di). For this activity, Students picked an article of their choice to read from the 3rd and 4th Grade Section of the Time For Kids website. Students identified the central idea and supporting details in order to write a summary about the article. Finally, Students shared their summary in a short "Breaking News" newscast on Flipgrid that engaged the audience by presenting the information as a 'teaser' that will would make other students want to read their article. (This activity was adapted from an activity originally shared on the FlipGrid Discovery Page to fit student expectations and level of understanding of the standard.)" 
    🎬 Show us! Flipgrid in action! (Video)
    🤩 Lesson - https://flipgrid.com/+qtbr3uut 
    📝 Learn more at pisd.edu/flipgrid
    🏫 Harrington Elementary - Sydni teaches 4th Grade ELA/ Social Studies
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  • Plickers by Daniela Ochoa
    Tell us about it! Daniela uses Plickers as a formative assessment tool and to increase student engagement. The students hold up a card to answer a question and the teacher scans using a mobile device to get their responses! 
    🎬 Show us! Using Plickers as a Formative Assessment Tool (Video)
    📝 Learn more at help.plickers.com
    🏫 Forman Elementary - Daniela is a 4th Grade Bilingual Teacher - her webpage
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    plickers are like clickers but simplified