• Last year's Digital Learning Day Showcase 2021!

    The PISD Digital Learning Team reached out to PISD ed tech teacher leaders for testimonials and artifacts of their favorite, tried-and-true digital learning ideas/lessons/tools. Here they are!

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  • Kami by Stephanie Jackson
    - How do you use it? "Students will work in groups and create a newspaper during the Napoleonic time period and use KAMI to edit together. Secondary PISD teachers and students (Grades 6-12) have a premium license to the annotation tool Kami." Note that until May 2021 K-5 teachers and students now also have premium licenses to Kami!
    - Show us! Real-time Collaboration with Kami (YouTube video)
    - Lesson - Napoleon Activity
    - Learn more at pisd.edu/kami 
    - McMillen High School - Stephanie is a History teacher - Stephanie's webpage 
    - Follow her on Twitter! @Stephan44187126
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  • Seesaw by Kamesha Ross
    - How do you use it? "This activity was our Social Studies lesson for the week. We wanted to allow the students to have more engaging moments to learn about the American colonies. We utilized various resources from the Social Studies lesson and found a way to make a comprehensive lesson for the students to work towards. Using this format increased engagement because of the variety of resources we were able to pull together. I've noticed 5th graders don't come with a lot of background knowledge with history so my approach is to treat it as 'one big story.' I think when they can take ownership of the learning and see the information presented in a variety of ways they're more able to connect with it. This method for Social Studies has seemed to work very well with our students. It also allows students who'd like to work ahead the ability to do that as well as students who may be absent for various reasons." 
    - Show us! 5th Grade Teacher Explains how Seesaw Helps her Students Learn (YouTube video)
    - Lesson - The Road to Independence (Google Slides)
    - Learn more at pisd.edu/seesaw 
    - Thomas Elementary - Kamesha is a 5th Grade Teacher - Kamesha's webpage
    - Follow her on Twitter! @MzRoss4
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  • Kami by Samantha Iliff
    - How do you use it? "[I use] Kami to QUICKLY upload student work from the district curriculum planner." Note that 6-12 teachers and students have a premium license to Kami. Until May 2021, K-5 teachers and students now also have premium licenses to Kami!
    - Show us! Annotating and Assigning a PDF with Kami and Google Classroom (YouTube video)
       In this video, Samantha shows us how she takes a file from the Curriculum Planner, saves it as a PDF, opens it in Kami, and assigns it to Google Classroom.
    Learn more at pisd.edu/kami 
    - Bird SPC - Samantha taught 6-8 grade - Samantha's webpage
    - Follow her on Twitter! @s_iliff
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