• Remote Access from Chromebook

    1. On your Chromebook go to the Chrome Web Store.
    2. Search for the Parallels Client app and click the Add to Chrome button.
    3. Launch the Parallels app.
    4. When the client opens, click on the green + on the left of screen to add a Remote Application Server.
    5. Enter the following information into the server settings:
      • Under Connection Settings, enter mydeskfarm.pisd.edu and the number 80 in the following cell. 
      • PISD Desktop in the next cell.
      • Enter your network username and add @ad after it in the next cell.
      • Enter your password.
      • Then click Save.
         remote application server image
    6. You will see a list of available remote desktops to connect to. Double-click on one of them.
    7. If you see a Security Alert message, click Yes.
    8. You should now be connected to your desktop remotely!
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