• First Days of Chromebooks

  • 5 Steps for Implementing a Successful 1:1 Environment

    Enduring Questions: What does a successful 1:1 (or one-to-one) environment look like? How will having a 1:1 environment prepare my students to be empowered learners?

  • 1. Define the Role of Chromebooks in your Classroom

    Chromebooks are not a replacement for quality teaching. They are a tool to enhance the learning experiences of students. Access should not be denied as punishment nor granted as a reward.

  • 2. Model How to Harness the Chromebook's Power

    Be a role model for your students. Take advantage of your Digital Learning Team to get an understanding of best practices when integrating technology into your classroom. 

  • 3. Put it Away When Appropriate

    Well-rounded instructional practices do not use devices for every single lesson. Students should only access Chromebooks to meet clear educational objectives and goals. Students tend to get off task when idle.

  • 4. Digital Fluency Embedded in Chromebook Usage

    "Digital Natives" will need coaching on how to use Chromebooks for educational purposes.

  • 5. Develop Routines and Procedures

    Getting out/putting away the Chromebooks, when to use headphones, how to sign in, etc.

  • Chromebooks in Action

  • Student Chromebook Academy

    Use the slideshows below with your students to introduce optimal Chromebook care and use in the classroom.

  • Need suggestions for how to start your students off right with Chromebooks? Try the checklist below!