• Chromebooks for Students

  • Signing In

    How Students Sign into a Chromebook

    Beginning of the Year: If you have not created a password yet, follow the instructions for setting your password first.

    1. Open the Chromebook and turn it On, you’ll see a message: “Click ‘Next’ to continue signing in to your pisd.edu account”.  Click “Next”.
      chromebook sign in

    2. Click the “PISD Network Login” button. 
      classlink sign in
    3. Enter your PISD username: firstname.lastname.#   (Example: anne.shirley.1)
    4. Then enter your network password

    You are now logged into the Chromebook!

    When you sign into the Chromebook, Webdesk will automatically open. Use Webdesk to access all your digital resources without having to sign into each one separately! It will save a lot of time. Webdesk Tips

    QuickCard QR Code

    You can also sign in using your QuickCard QR code (given to you by your teacher) or Google. If you sign in with Google, you must first connect your Google access in My Profile, Sign-In Options. 

    To use the QuickCard, click the QuickCard button on the bottom left. Then place your QuickCard in front of the Chromebook webcam to read it. 

  • Passwords

    Setting your Password on a Chromebook

    1. Click the link labeled “Apps” on the bottom shelf of the Chromebook. Then choose “PISD-Password-App”.
    2. There are two ways to change your password. See below for either the first time this school year or any time after that.

    First time this school year

    The first time you log in this school year, you will enter your username and this password: Tx123456# (the numbers are your student ID number and the T is capital). You will then be prompted to set a new password.

    Any time during the school year (NOT the first time)

    After you have created a new password, if you need to change your password in the future you will enter your existing password in that “RapidIdentity” screen above, click “Go”, click the “Change Password” button in the next screen, and follow the prompts to change your password.

  • Getting to Know Your Chromebook

    Watch the Chromebook Academy YouTube Playlist

  • Care & Maintenance

    • Please don't eat or drink near your device.
    • Keep the keyboard clear of items like pens/pencils.
    • Keep your Chromebook charged. 
    • Restart your Chromebook periodically to let it run updates. 
    • Clean your Chromebook using either wipes for electronic devices or a damp microfiber towel.
    • If you have any technical problems with the device, please contact the Campus Technology Assistant (CTA).

  • Tips & Tricks

    Get the most out of your Chromebook with these cool shortcuts. 

    • On the Chromebook keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+? to activate the on-screen keyboard. It shows you all the shortcut keys! For example, hold down the Ctrl key and you'll see the shortcut for taking a screenshot is to press Ctrl+Windows Switcher button (button above the 6). 

    • Take a screenshot (The image saves to your Google Drive.)
      Ctrl + windows switcher button  (windows switcher button)

    • Snipping tool
      Ctrl + Shift + windows switcher button  (windows switcher button)
      The screen will dim and you can take your finger and select a region of your screen.

    • Add a website to the Shelf. (The Shelf is the bar along the bottom of your Chromebook screen. Like the Task Bar on a desktop computer).
      • When the site to be pinned is visible on the screen, click the 3-dots (“shish kebab”) menu at the top right of the screen > More tools > Add to shelf. It will now appear on your Shelf. 
        add website to shelf

  • Student Chromebook Academy

    Use the slideshows below with your students to introduce optimal Chromebook care and use in the classroom.

  • Securing Your ChromebookIf you step away from your Chromebook, we recommend locking your screen for extra security.

    On the keyboard: Press and hold the Lock button on top right. Or press Search key + L.

Additional Resources