• How to assign HMH Resources

    Directly into Google Classroom


    Step 1: Access the Virtual Teacher's Guide, from the HMH Ed app on Webdesk, by clicking the Module photograph, and selecting the “Teacher’s Guide” blue tile:

    ScreenShot of HMH Dashboard

    Step 2: Access specific lessons within the Virtual Teacher’s Guide by turning the virtual pages, or searching using the 3 lines “Contents” in the top left corner and searching by lesson title or “Go to Page:”

    Image of HMH Teacher's Guide

    Step 3: All “MATERIALS” needed for a lesson are linked on each lesson, in the Virtual Teacher's Guide, on the left side:

    Image of Materials

    Step 4: Open up a material, for example, the myBook text, click the 3 dots above “More” on the top right. Select Google Classroom and you can link the text (or any resource) straight to your Google Classroom to be shared with all students or just certain students:

    Image of Story