• 1. Before You Get Started

    Review PISD Mandatory Accessibility Guidelines

    Review your current site.

    • Delete old, outdated content and content that is not in use
    • Delete empty pages

    Clean out your files.

    • Remove any old, outdated files
    • Identify inactive documents, should these be removed or made active?

    Review your Quick Links & Menus:

    • Remove any broken or outdated links
    • If you have a lot of quicklinks, think about how the Blackboard App can help you better organize the content.
    • If your links are categorized, verify the categories are titled appropriately and links are in the correct category or if links should be combined or moved.

    Review your editors:

    • Do you need to add / remove site editors.


    • Review Accessibility guidelines
      • Do your documents need to be updated to meet accessibility requirements?
      • Are you using images when text will work better?

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