• 3. Blackboard Apps Overview

    Apps are the content building blocks of pages. You can have one or more apps on a page. You can edit your apps as well as share them with other editors. Each app offers different functionality. Apps help you keep your pages interesting and organized.

    • Use a single app to display a single type of information such as a list of links (Link Library App), classroom handouts (File Library App) or a calendar (Calendar App) on a page.
    • Use Page Types to create pages. A page type usually consists of a one column page layout and includes one app. Page types exist for most apps.
    • Use multiple apps when you want to organize different types of information on a single page.
    • You can share apps with individual users or groups of users. They can add them to their pages, but they cannot edit or permanently delete them. Sharing apps is particularly helpful if you want the same information posted in multiple places on your website, but you only want to edit it once.

  • Picture of PISD Homepage

Common Home Page Apps

  • Announcements—post brief messages on your homepage.

    Content App—include links and pictures within your content.

    Headlines & Features—link to articles from your homepage. These tend to be longer than announcements and to remain on your website for a longer time. You might use a headline to share the results of the Science Fair or the need for substitute teachers.

    Site Shortcuts—create shortcuts to other pages on your website or even to other websites or systems. You might link to school lunch menus, sports schedules or your student information system.

    Upcoming Events—automatically displays events from an associated calendar.